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Friday, March 11, 2011


I should start writing postcards. Everyone loves postcards. I love sending them. In the times of Internet, emails and text messages a hand written postcard is just a nice thing. Holding a postcard in your hand which was written by someone far away from you is like a proof or sign that even when this person is not in your life right now is still THERE. He/She is alive.

What I don't like about postcards is that many people tend to lie when they write them. How often did you a receive a postcard which sounded like this:

Dear x,
i'm having a great time here in y. The weather is nice, the sun is shining and the beach is right next to our doorstep, everything is wonderful. I enjoy the local food, yesterday I went shopping and saw z (touristical site). I wish I could stay longer. Best wishes from y, x.

Isn't it funny that you never get postcards which sound like this:

Dear x,
this morning I noted that I got 5 mosquito bites over night. It is really hot, even though I put on lots of sunscreen I rather look like a tomatoe than a tanned girl of a Bacardi commercial and I'm afraid of getting diarrhea because the tab water here tastes kinda weird. Anyway, tonight I'm gonna go to the karaoke night and get pissed with some British guys. Maybe I can ask them to put a towel for me on one of the chairs next to the pool (they always get up at 5am in order to do so). Cheers,y.

A postcard from Australia to Europe will cost me about $2 each. So I really should think before I write. What information would you like to have on a postcard? What do you usually write on postcards?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sydney celebrates Mardi Gras

This Saturday Sydney celebrated the „Mardi Gras Festival”, a Gay and Lesbian Festival which lasted for more than a week, included parties and activities such as a “Drag Queen race” at Bondi Beach and which ended with the celebration of the Mardi Gras Parade. 
Compared to the Thanksgiving Parade I saw in NYC, Mardi Gras Parade was more colorful and extraordinary. More than that, the action at Mardi Gras was not only taking place in the “stage” area. At Mardi Gras, the observing crowd seems to be more exciting than the parade itself (even though it lasted 2 hours!!!). Many people who come to see the parade are gay or lesbian, have visited the festival several times and thus feel emotionally attached with it. As if it was New Year’s eve or your birthday, people wish each other “Happy Mardi Gras” and celebrate it together. It seems as if the whole town was pink. 

What I liked most about Mardi Gras was the costumes. In Germany and other European countries we wear costumes for "Fastnacht" or "Fasching", in Brasil, especially Rio de Janeiro is famous for its carnival. Carnival has its origin in christianism, while in the US you wear costumes for Halloween (celebrating evil spirits or something like that?). However, in Sydney people dress up for the gays :) Like it!

Here's my voting of the best costumes of Mardi Gras parade.

here are some more fallen angels which weren't as cool as the smoking angel:

Feel free to give your opinion about it! Do you love/ hate wearing costumes?
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