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Friday, March 4, 2011


i wanna try this. i wanna try that. next time, i shouldn't miss this and it would be great to do this as well because the weather forecaust for tomorrow is not so great. But actually I have to do this thing for work first and then I should actually go to the student office, get a library card, print out texts, join the gym.... write emails to person A, B, C and x y. --- Oh, these people look nice. The girls wear nice dresses. I wish I could go out with them. I am not going out tonight, I am tired because I did this and this and then there is this other event which makes me get up early in the morning. I have to check out at the hostel untill 10am, schlepp all my stuff to Annendale. Oh but I wish I could go with them. Oh no, there's so much to do/see/hear/feel/learn about. How can I make it to get/taste/try and have it all?


Australia: The Dating Place for Germans

In Aarhus, the majority of international students is German. I knew that there were many Germans travelling around in Australia. So, how do I think about this after almost one week in Sydney?

- It seems as if Australia would be located next to Germany. Germans are everywhere. In my hostel almost everybody seems to be German. Germans are at my university, in the streets, in the bar, everywhere. I'm at the other end of the world, around 10.000 Miles (16.000km) away from my home country, and anyway: I can bet $100 that I will meet a German when I leave the hostel.

Why is that so? According to a study I found online, a reason for this is "a lack of knowledge about Australia". Ahh.

The study, which was made by tourism australia, also says that

Germans travellers like spending their time in Australia with:
1) eating at restaurants
2) Shopping for local products
3) Meeting locals
4) Relaxing by the beach or pool.

Yep, I definitely can confirm this (check out my pix). But may I add something? Germans are also here for <3Love<3.

Sydney reminds me of the Spanish island Mallorca, a popular flirt and summer destination for Germans. The sun makes people tanned and flirty, Germans start crossing the streets without caring about red traffic lights. They have lots of Sangria which they drink through long straws.

Germany is 10.000 Miles away. Maybe this is the main reason why a German who is usually afraid to be rejected by a woman, becomes surprisingly flirty...oh dear...please grow up.

:) and to you guys: Please make a comment!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Rescue of Respaced Girl

Australia Day 1. After we had arrived at the crappy, nasty but supergreat located hostel (make a guess where our hostel is...faked brand clothing, pastry in rainbow colours...), my classmate Annelien and me decided

"we need no sleep, but bondi beach!". We met up with another class mate, Anders from Copenhagen. Took the train. Were amazed by the surrounding: palm trees, sun, sea, me saying „Oh my god, this looks like I always pictured San Francisco!!“, Anders saying „No matter how shitty our classes will be, hell we won't care a damn thing about it“.

I bought a „Bondi Beach“ towl and placed my white ass on it. We were so happy, suddenly feeling the sun our our skin – my god we had completely forgotten how the sun felt like, at the same time having a slight feeling of embarassement about being so „naked“, not wearing several layers of clothing.

Annelien and me ran into the water and started swimming. Suddenly we heard speakers saying „Ladies, you are way to far out there.... sharks.... dangerous..... left....“ I turned around. The beach was suddenly far away. I only understood half of the stuff the speaker was saying, started to panic. Sharks? Did he say sharks? (I am so scared of sharks and i am a bad swimmer). We swam, we hardly got closer. I asked one of the surfers who surrounded us to help me, he gave me his board. The beach was still far away and I got damn scared because I thought I had heard the word „shark“. Then a handsome goodlooking saviour came to save me. He gave me instructions, I climbed on the board and together we paddled, waited, and then surfed on a huge wave back. Me, laughing all the time saying „cool that's fun!“

Then I saw this guy with a camera team. He had filmed the whole event. Mike was a documentary filmer, the producer of „Bondi Rescue“. I gave a way too long interview, pale German, saying stuff like „Oh, no I didn't know that Bondi Beach was one of the most dangerous places of the world, oh I didn't see the signs, oh I wasn't really afraid, it was kinda fun. I played the „I am the stupid German international student“ card.

It needed about half an hour to become aware of the fact how stupid I was and that we had actually been in danger. Goosebumps. First day in Australia and I have to be resued. Great. The fact that this interview and my stupidity will be aired on TV - Not so good.

By the way: I learned about the „rip“ at bondi beach

While the northern end has been rated a gentle 4 (with 10 as the most hazardous), the southern side is rated as a 7 due to a famous rip current known as the "Backpackers' Express" because of its proximity to the bus stop, and the unwillingness of tourists to walk the length of the beach to safer swimming. The south end of the beach is generally reserved for surfboard riding. Yellow and red flags define safe swimming areas, and visitors are advised to swim between them.
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