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Friday, February 18, 2011


Before the wikings converted to christianism, they believed in several gods. They named days after them. Today it's Friday, Freia's day. Freia is a woman, a goddess who stands for fertility, love, beauty, luck and magic. Though it's freia-day I'm not feeling like a goddes at all. My body hurts from cleaning and carrying boxes around and I really don't feel like having class from 10am until 4pm :(

No, it's definetly not me being a Freia today. But I know other women who make me feel certain about the fact that there are Freias around. There is Derv, my friend who had classes all day and who still has a smile on her face when helping me to carry my super heavy boxes into her storage room.  Derv, who has always been here for me,  no matter if it was about listening to my "problems" while a cup of tea (or popcorn) or dancing at my student dorm's "thursday bar" (while noone else was dancing).

Derv has lots of a Freia:

she studies, parties and works hard  --> goddess
When I asked her if I could crash her place for a few days, she didn't hesitate for a second.--> love
She made Skejbyparken a good place for me :) --> magic.

looking forward to spend my last days in Aarhus with a Freia. Maybe I'll discover or even learn some divine secrets?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A sunny morning at Risskov beach

Good morning followers :) 
The design-poll has ended, thank you so much for your participation :) 90% think my new design is awesome. I am happy you like it!

As a Thank-You-Gift I am posting some Awesomeness from Aarhus (in the form of pictures). Enjoy! :) 

travel theme: train, sea and plane

forever yours. Aarhus


Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Letters

let's skip a blog posting about how shitty and commercial Valentine's day or how great love is. There's enough of this out there in the blogosphere. Instead, I wanna hear your opinion.

"I love you", dated 9th October 1996
Respaced Girl received this letter when she was 7 years old. A few days ago, or literally said, 16 years after the love note from Arthur, she got this email:

Very Interesting Photo

[...] I am looking for a long term relationship and possibly marriage. I am also open to a long term arrangement where we live in our own houses and get together to do things on the weekend. I enjoy camping but haven't been for long time as i love to go with my mate. Also enjoy fishing and the water. Like holidays, going out for dinner or a movie, love ballroom dance and any kind of dance, also good in fitness

My character is kind,romantic,caring and loving person with a great sense of humor and patience.My goal is to create a warm ,loving environment for a future family based on love,trust and understanding. of an ideal relationship:I'm gentle,committed and straightforward,I believe in working together with a woman that is very caring,truthful and easygoing, i love to meet with you, maybe you can email me and tell me more about yourself we can give it a start from there (XPETE@X.com)
Hope to speak with you soon


This is making me wonder...Why can kids write much nicer love letters than grown-ups? Please tell me that there are some grown-up men out there who are capable of writing great love LETTERS (not emails). Have you ever received a love letter? What did it say, who sent it to you, and how did you feel about it? Should women write love letters, too?

Anyway, ... I consider this email as a compliment. Seems like I can call myself a blogger now - I got my first stalker email, yay! And Pete, your email is an interesting method for finding a new love. But sorry, this is just too unromantic for me. Good luck with finding someone.

Wishing you all (yes, also to Pete) a happy Valentine's day,

Respaced Girl

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Girly Saturday

window shopping at my favourite store
 Søstrene Grene 

Søstrene Grene was the first "discount store" in Denmark and was launched in Aarhus in 1973 by the two Grene sisters. The store is supercool, you can find home ware, my favourite tea from the US (Celestial), chocolate or any kind of decoration which is of a good quality, but not expensive.Great source for birthday presents. I've bought a cup, a Danish flag, scrapbooks and tea there. Unfortunately, the shop's website is pretty bad. Anyway, I thought you should know about Søstrene Grene, just in case you're planning a trip to Denmark, Sweden or Iceland in the near future. They have stores there, too.

oh i wish i wouldn't move to australia. I wanna have one!

Lunchtime! The Danish version of a "Fastnachtsküchle" (traditional pastry eaten during the carnival season).
vanilla and milkchocolate in a bun. yam

A girl's night out (at least the start of the night was girly ;))  

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