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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Skip that Prejudice. Part II

 Part I of the "Denmark is dangerous"-story

Denmark is a very liberal country. I haven't only noticed that when we talked about this topic in class, but also in daily life. Dating a Dane seems to be as bad as Dating a German guy: When the check comes it means that the sum is splitted up between both of them. In the US dating is more conservative, traditionally the guy pays the bill. Ok, you may think that gender equality is a good thing.

But honestly, when I came back to Aarhus with my 22kg - suitcase, I cursed liberal Denmark. All the way from Copenhagen to Aarhus no one (no man) gave me a hand for lifting my suitcase neither into and out of the train, nor into/out of the bus. Tak!

Apart from GENDER EQUALITY, Press Freedom is a pretty big thing, too. As a reaction to the occurence that a Danish author was not able to publish his book about Mohammed, Denmark's leading newspaper "Jyllelands Posten" published 12 carricatures of the muslim prophet. The cartoons which, from a muslim perspective are seen as violations of their religious beliefs (the depiction of Mohammed), caused a huge controversy. Everyone went totally crazy: The international media, muslim organizations which asked for an appology,  and of course there were also some islamic fundamentalists...

One of the carricaturists was Kurt Westergaade from Aarhus. After his work was published, Kurt was faced with death threads. Even though the PET (Danish Intelligence Service) looked after his personal security, he woke up on January 1rst 2010, facing a guy holding an axe in hand. All this happened in peaceful Aarhus!!

Luckily, all this got observed from a five year old girl, who had seen the "terrorist" entering his house. Ha, typically Denmark - a girl saving a man - here comes the gender equality again.

ok, back to Dangerous Denmark, which is actually seen as "threatened by terrorism". With having troops in Afghanistan and Iraq it's kinda in a tricky situation. (read more)

Respaced Girl draws the conclusion: 
Denmark is an innocent and safe country.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Homecoming Night

It is Friday night and I am enjoying myself being home, not doing anything except of listening to music and surfing the web. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever be able to know what I want to do next. I am super moody. Usually I have to do something. Usually I don't like sharing my appartment with only one single person, who always seems to be too busy to have a chat with me. But tonight it's different.

Tonight I am looking forward to spend the night at home, just by myself. Who knows where I will end up next? Maybe I'll share the kitchen and bathroom with 15 other students! Tonight I will enjoy the comfort of doing what I want. I will make baked bananas or chocolate pudding. Something you can only do when you have plenty of time - and a kitchen. I know I should start preparing my exam or getting ready for Australia. But not tonight.

Tonight it's only going to be me, without anyone I have to care about, and without anyone I have to please.
Is there anyone else who sometimes enjoys moments of perfect lonelyness?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cake Nation

I felt extremely closely related to the Danes today. Actually, it is worth applying for a Danish CPR - number* only for participating at the Heavy Kagebord.

* CPR number: Every citizen living in Denmark must have a CPR number. It provides you with free health insurance and a number which allows you to make any kinds of contracts, from receiving a library card to a bank account.

One time a year, the canteen of the state library celebrates Cake Day! 1,2 TONS of Cake were offered. 100 different kinds of cakes. Plates in 3 sizes for the prize of 20, 40 and 60 DKKs (20DKK = €2,70) were available. It was a huge all-you-can-eat- CAKE-buffet. No, actually it was more than that, literally, it was a cake party!!!

musicians playing

The library was supercrowded. When we finally had reached the buffet it got pretty dangerous. My immense huge bag, packed with netbook, study books and other stuff turned out to be a an obstacle in the buffet-battle. The cake-hungry Danish students didn't seem to care that I almost lost my balance while I was standing next to a long table loaded with cake. Everyone was bumping each other in the chase for cake. The 45-minutes-long line had made the students nervoes, rude and hungry. The canteen employers were busy with constantly bringing in new cake-plates.

waiting in line for 45min...

Respaced Girl, the cake warrior

who wants the last piece of cake? ahhhhh leave me alone!
How fun! Even though I had to take stomach pills afterwards and I needed a long time for biking home...what a great day...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skip that Prejudice. Part I

Denmark and Safety

Before I came to Denmark, I thought Denmark would be the safest place on earth. I pictured Denmark to be a peaceful, small country where all the things people worried about were what novel to read next or if they should choose the blue or red decoration for their window. In comparison to Philadelphia, where I often felt uncomfortably in danger (for example that one time, when I found a wallet, jacket and other personal belongings in front of our porch door, or when my friend told me in a very proud manner that he witnessed how his friend got shot only a few meters away from my house...) Denmark seemed to be as safe as heaven.

However, when I came back from my vacation in Germany and browsed through a Danish newspaper, I was surprised when I read the headline "Shots in the suburbs a daily occurence". I read that during January 12th and 20th eight shootings had been taken place in the Copenhagen area. There were GANGS in Denmark?! I was shocked. Seriously.

A week later, I met my neighbour who grew up in one of the dangerous suburbs. He told me, that the Danish gang communities such as "Bandidos" and "Black Cobra" would be all about selling drugs and that they would usually not threaten you, unless you didn't pass by certain places after 10pm. Oups.

I have to admit, I was kind of fascinated and surprised. The picture I had of Denmark was slowly falling into pieces. Should I start locking my door when I was leaving my apartment to do my laundry?

I did more research and found a comparative crime statistics: 

crime statistic

I still can't believe it. According to this homepage, Denmark is meant to be more dangerous in terms of crime than the US and Germany??? WHAT?

Any crime expert here? Please explain this!
What can we learn from this? - Denmark is not as innocent and safe as I had thought.

coming up soon: "Dangerous Denmark"

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