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Friday, January 21, 2011


this week's philosophical thoughts

Walking through the small town of Tübingen (Germany), the town where I studied untill september 2010 let arose lots of memories: there was the bakery I bought my coffee to go, there was the library I spent hours in, I saw some familiar faces I had seen in classes... Nothing seemed to have changed since I had left.

I left Tübingen in July but for me it felt as if much more time had passed. I was so happy to be back again, but this was not my place anymore. My friend said that Tübingen would be a town where everyone seemed to be replaceable. Tübingen is the German "city" with the lowest average age - it's a student town and there are students everywhere: If someone leaves, another one is waiting on the doorstep already. Nobody seems to stay for too long.

Tübingen is a small town, but due to the university's good reputation there are lots of international people. Actually, it's some sort of global village ;) No wonder I liked it there! However, my friend was right.. Tübingen is not a town where you stay too long...I spent a wonderful day with my memories, met my former roomie, had my favourite muffin in the canteen, had coffee in my favourite coffeeplace. When I was sitting in the bus going to Stuttgart I was a bit sad for a moment, but then happy again.

Nostalgia is a catchy feeling and it's quiet entertaining sometimes - but life is now and it's good. Right?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting ready for Australia?

During the last few days, I read some travel blogs, really cool ones, e.g. the one from Katharina- it's so good!! Some of the travel bloggers made postings who said "Plan ahead, do research, prepare yourself and read all the information you can get about the country/place you will visit".

I'm doing the exact opposite. Here comes my anti-plan-ahead-post

I have 5 weeks untill I'm leaving for Sydney and
a) I neither have applied for the student VISA
b) have looked for cheap housing opportunities (PFFF I won't apply for student housing offered by my university, waaaay to expensive!)
c) neither have I done any research for cheap hostels in Sydney
d) or bought a tourist guide

and you know what? I'm cool with it. I know I'll be fine! I heard from fellow students that you apply for the VISA online and that it needs about 12min to do it. I have found cheap housing in Philly and NYC, why should I not find any room in Sydney? And about the hostels: Sydney is a big city and full of hostels. So why bother? Oh and my flight is 30 hours long - enough time to read my Fodors (Lonely Planet is so main stream! Fodors guides are way better, they come with pictures and colours!!)

HA! Am I a relaxed person or what? Doesn't that sound as if I followed my new year's resolution?

Oh and one last thing: I DO and WILL NOT SLEEP WITH A SWISS KNIFE UNDER MY PILLOW (yes, I REALLY read this on a blog for backpackers.)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just came back from running. I haven't been running for a week because I was getting a cold, but now I'm fine again.

Don't think I'm a fan of running. I usually hate it, I just force myself to do it because I wanna stay in shape. It's my weekly goal to go 3 times a week, and I usually do it - for approximately 30 minutes ;)

Running is the fucking best sport for Respaced people. You do not need anything but running clothes and a pair of running shoes and that's it. I used to go running in a small forest in Tübingen, Germany. I ran in Stuttgart. I ran in Philadelphia, I ran in NYC, I ran in Aarhus and I'll be running in Sydney.

I love finding new routes, getting to know my surrounding and get a feeling for it. If there is no nice place/park where you can go running, there must be a track & field. Running on a track&field can also be nice, it's kinda like going to MCDonalds, it looks the same wherever on earth you may be. Makes you feel like home ;)

And I don't have to pay anything for it ! AND it lets me taste the local candy and pastries!

Tübingen, Germany
Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The beautiful view of "My" Ms Liberty gave me a regular kick

Aarhus, Denmark

Sometimes I get lost... this is what I found when I got lost once in Aarhus

Any other ideas for Respaced Sport? Leave a comment!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello you

Wow. I had so many ideas in my head about what I want to blog about today. But now my mind is BLANK.

My mind is all fluffy and pink and bright and you could tell me all kind of mean stuff, I would just look into your eyes and smile at you like a complete idiot.

I'm gonna be an aunt. I saw him for the first time today. He waved at me.

Baby, it hurts that I won't be with you when you will scream for the first time. But you'll be in my heart, always. I'll be the coolest aunt ever. Promise. I might not be able to see you every day, but I will be there.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A day in France

Yesterday, I went on a day trip to France. Me and my family have often been to Strassborg just for a day, enjoying french food and stores ;). Strassbourg is a small city with some important attractions: a big old cathedral and, politically more important, the European Council, the European Court for Human Rights and the European Parliament.

Even though my mom and me argued about finding the right coffee place and other relevant issues, I had a great time !

Here are my Top 5 findings in Strassbourg

First, I found three things I would have bought if I would not be respaced and not moving around every 4th month:

Gosh,  I wanted this so badly.

so cute!

The coolest scale I have ever seen! 36€ at a store I forgot the name of. It says: "My worst enemies" on it
In a side street we found this small market which consisted only out of three market stands. It was around 1pm and the vendors had fondue for lunch! Ha. I love clichés.

At the place where WE had our lunch I found number 5 of my Top 5:  The Disco Bathroom

Is this a fog machine or an air freshener?

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