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Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Thoughts Friday

I came across this blog simple dude , who posts "Random Thursday Thoughts".

I like the idea - from now on I will write "Free Thoughts Friday" Posts :). So here comes my first one!!

Water everywhere........ Parts of Australia are flooded, Parts of Germany are flooded, Parts of Brazil are flooded. Even though these countries are so different and have different natural landscapes, they are faced with the same problem. If we look at this from a philosophical angle we could say: The world is getting smaller. Or, even better: We are getting respaced.

How are people dealing with the floodings of their homes? Australians seem to be pretty cool with it. My cousin lives in Brisbane. She told me that her house would be located on a hill, so she is very lucky. The city would remind her of a ghost city, because in some areas they have shut down electricity. However, she was very positive and said that she hoped that everything will be fine untill I come and visit. (The city she lives in is in complete chaos and she is worried about me?!!! wow)

How do the Germans deal with the flood? They complain, as usual ;) Our morning paper wrote that according to the weather forecast the water-level in Wertheim is not going to fall in the next few days.

There's a big factory outlet in Wertheim. German Respaced Girl wanted to go there during her vacation:
Wertheim is flooded. Maaaaaan...Damn it. Why does it have to be flooded when I want to buy a new watch?
I just heard in the radio news that the situation in Wertheim and the surrounding area is improving!

Oh Germany, why do you (including Respaced Girl) always have to be so pessimistic?


Wertheim village factory outlet

Wertheim flood pictures


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Familiencard

I asked my mom if she thinks if the German state is doing good in terms of supporting socially deprived kids. She said:
In my class I have 18 kids, 10 of them get the "Familiencard". Whenever we do trips or go to museums, I can pay the admission fee with the card. I think, the state is doing a good job.
The "Familiencard" is a project which only exist in Stuttgart. However, the Secretary for Human Services wants to enlarge the project on a national scale. Every family which does not gain more money than €60.000 a year gets one card per kid. The Familiencard can be used in museums or educational institutions and is limited to the amounth of €60 for one year.

I am pretty surprised that I got such a positive answer from my mom. She works in a school which is located in a very poor area.  She is more a social worker than a teacher and has to deal with issues other teachers might not have heard of ever. Yet, she loves to push people, so she really likes what she's doing. (She also likes to push people around, but that is another story)...

So let's just stop here and apreciate a tiny little drop of cold water on a hot stone (that's a German saying ;)). For us it may seem only a small benefit - I could start critisizing lots of other things where the state is doing nothing, etc.etc. But let's stop here for a moment, because even if it is only €60, it is a really good idea! I bet everyone of us can remember at least ONE cool school trip. Thanks to the Familiencard, all kids in Stuttgart will be able to make those kind of memories, too.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do I have to start being nicer to people now?

You know what? I am growing. I have this friend who doesn't like eating. To see her not eating makes me wanna eat. However, now I gained weight - I am growing in all directions, except in height of course. But I have been pretty happy the last couple of weeks, eating stuff I usually stop myself of eating. Sadly, my eating doesn't help my friend. Whatever I do, it is pointless.

I don't wanna go on a diet. Yesterday I read in the newspaper that people who are on a diet are more likely to be in a bad mood and they tend to suffer depressions. Makes sense.

Gosh I hate myself thinking about this that much. I wish there would be a thing in my world who would help my friend to realize that food doesn't have anything to do with her problems.

In the meantime, I have to accept living with my new 2kg. I am asking myself if I have to work harder on my social skills now...you know, people say skinny people have it easier in life than others. What do you think?


Monday, January 10, 2011

Seriously? Blogging hurts!

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours in front of my computer, I played a while with Adope photoshop, then I wrote some emails etc. etc. Nothing extraordinary!

Now I feel this pain in my wist... seriously? It's from clicking !! Now I'm wearing this leather thing I got from my Dad ... I kinda look like a rockstar!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cupcake madness and the new cupcake bakery in Stuttgart

My baking obsession is embodied in my growing collection of cupcake-products... I have a cupcake PJ, a cupcake-shaped key and last week I got a kitchen skirt (in the background of the picture collage) and an cupcake shaped adress tag for bags as a present! 

On Friday, I went to the first and new cupcake bakery in Stuttgart: It had already opened its doors before I went to Denmark, but I had no time to go there before I left. So on Friday my sis took me out to the "cupcake boutique".


cheesecake cupcake! It's as good as the one I had in the magnolia bakery in nyc!

The place is so cute, they have pink tea cups and everything! I am happy Stuttgart is slowly catching up with other cities in the field of cupcakes. In Manhattan google finds 10 existing CUPCAKE bakeries. If you keep on searching longer I guess you'll find at least 10 more. I mean, Manhattan is a really tiny island! Stuttgart has the size of 257km², Manhattan only 87km². But yeah, I know... there's a tiny difference in their population. More people eat more.

My comment on the Stuttgart cupcake bakery: nice and cute, a good start for introducing the cupcake culture in Stuttgart.

However, the cupcake bakery which is famous in the US cupcake scene and which I (of course!) visited when I spent a weekend in Washington DC., is way ahead of the Stuttgart bakery. The Georgetown cupcake bakery offers 10 different kinds of cupcakes daily plus 5 additional sorts ("Specials") which change every day. Today, for example the specials on the menu are: carrot, chocolate coconut, lava fudge, peanutbutter fudge and strawberry.

The Georgetown bakery 2010

I ate both. strawberry chocolate and key lime. piece of heaven!

The bakery in Stuttgart had a good offer as well, but they had no daily, only a monthly menu. We want more variety! More than that, the cupcake boutique also offers snacks such as sandwiches or soups - NO we don't want that in a cupcake bakery, damn it!

By the way, have I mentioned that I might open a coffee/bakery when I grow old?
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