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Friday, May 20, 2011


News. Yesterday someone mentioned my name and, for probably the first time I thought 'mhmmm actually my name isn't as bad as I thought'.
I haven't liked my name so far. Franziska is such a long, complicated name for non-German-speaking people. That's why I sometimes tell them to call me 'Francesca'. Makes the whole thing easier and more smooth.
Franziska always has to spelled, it sounds awful in English and in German... in kindergarten I was called Fanny (pronounced 'funny'), in elementary school it became Franzi. What does my name tell about me anyway?
I did some research. Franziska derives from the Italian name Francesca (surprise), the female version of Franziskus (a saint). The latin translation of the name Franziskus is 'the small French man'. Thus, I am 'the small French woman'.

haha. my French is awful. well, I like macarons and ├ęclaires. Is that the French side in me? Oh, and Franziska also relates to the people 'Franken', one of the historic German tribes. 'Frank' means 'liberty'. Shall I tell you who's one of my favourite icons?

It's her.Lady Liberty. Oh, you knew she was a gift made by the French, didn't you?

The Statue of Liberty

What do you know about your name? Do you like it? What does it stand for?


Tara said...

My name is very Irish (Tara being the place where the high kings of Ireland met way back in the day) and I love it :)

Franzi said...

hi tara!do u have Irish ancestors? I like that ur name is so short and simple (and nice :))
thanks for sharing!

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