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Monday, May 2, 2011

The creation of a home bubble

Even though I complained in my friday thoughts posting about the fact that I don't want to come back to my 'old' life in Sydney I have to admit: Routine is what gives my life a little bit of structure. The past two years I have been moving around a lot, in 2010 I had lived in 4 different places(or 5, if you want to consider my parent's house not only as a shelter/ hotel ;)). So, in order to avoid getting disoriented I kinda came up with some strategies.


1) I hang my pink net where I can put in a lot of stuff on my door. (Especially in non-furnished rooms it has been a great help. It's in his 6.th room now! A respaced piece of furniture which fits into every suitcase :)

2) Food: Have breakfast every morning. Find my local favorite food and eating habits (In the US I discovered oat meal, in Australia I got know crumpets), the right yoghurt brand, other cool new stuff at the grocery store. (I like spending an hour at the grocery store. Can be very fascinating!)

3) Find nice spots where I can go running. Get to know my surrounding

4) Buy a stuffed animal. I know this is embarrassing. i'm not over puberty yet.

5) Find a good place where I can get cheap coffee.

ok, i could go on like this forever. kinda boring. Even though I live in Sydney, my life is not a 24 hours travel experience (some peope seem to think like that).

I made friends with two travellers at a hostel during my easter break. They are going to visit Sydney soon. We spoke about hanging out together and that I (and my roomie) would then show them around the city.

I got a bit nervoes - I live and study in Sydney, but do I know so much about it? I know coffe spots/grocery stores/bakeries around the area I live (but who cares about ANNENDALE?), and around uni, I have done some exploring of tourist spots in sydney (but they can also read about this in the tourist guide)... What could I show to them?

Studying abroad is sometimes tricky, you live here but sometimes you just don't come out of your 'home bubble', or rather: You have to force yourself to stay inside, because this DAMN assignment doesn't get done by going to the opera house.

but yeah.. it's cool being an international student. Sometimes I am actually able to do cool stuff :)

Haymarket, the place where I do my weekly sunday fruit and veggie bargain shopping
my respaced pink door net



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fact that you put your pink door net up wherever you are :-))
I can remember seeing it in your room in Tuebingen too (when we lived together)
XXX Bine

Anonymous said...

haha u used to live togehter- didnt know that:-DDD

I think creating such a "home bubble" is really important, in order to feel not lost in the country. doing and having familiar things also helps to overcome acute homesickness!!!!
during my stay in the us, i put pics of family and friends on my wall, and sometimes listened to German radio:-DDDD
xoxo Anni

Franzi said...

thanx bine, i will take the pink net to hamburg, that's for sure! right, internet radio is also a cool thing, used to listen to German radio when i lived in denmark. unfortunately the internet connection in my aussie home is so bad that i'm already happy when i am able to check my emails or upload a few pics on fb. but in about 7 weeks i'll be able to listen to German radio LIVE ;)

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