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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Q & A: My studies in Australia

This week a dear friend and follower sent me an email which included some questions about life in Sydney.
I wanna hear more about uni life in Sydney. How is studying in sunny Australia and what exactly are you studying there?
Studying journalism at the University of Technology in Sydney is pretty similar to studying journalism in the US. It is really practical orientated and that's cool.

It is not like studying in Germany and Denmark, where my studies had focused on media/social/cultural theories and academic debates about media/journalism issues.

Don't get me wrong, I really like over-analysing things (sometimes), but often I asked myself: what the **** does this have to do with working in journalism? This is why doing my studies in the US and Australia AND in Germany and Denmark is the perfect combination for me.

In the US and in Australia journalism studies are more about "learning by doing". I am participating courses such as Investigative Journalism and Online Journalism, classes in which I write journalistic texts, not academic papers. How you can imagine, I'm enjoying the Online class a lot, especially because I can work on my blog in this class! You will see what I am doining in class soon.

Oh and about my uni: UTS is basically in CHINATOWN, so there is "cheap" food all around. Here, everything is expensive. What I like about my uni is that there is a small terrace and a balcony, so you can study/eat outside. And I love the couches !!!

This is what UTS students do when it is raining outside


Tara said...

I don't think I really knew exactly what you were studying that called for you to travel to all these schools around the world...great post :)

Ohhh and I'm an ass. I just remembered that a while back you asked who I dress/dressed as for Halloween and I totally forgot to answer! I have no idea why that even popped into my head now. Anyway, last year I went as a flapper...the year before as Marilyn Monroe...the year before that, Tinkerbell...I could go on and on. I love Halloween so much that I've only ever doubled a costume ONCE (and that was Marilyn Monroe, I went as her wearing the dress from Gentleman Prefer Blondes in 2009 and as her wearing the dress from Seven Year Itch in 2005)

Franzi said...

hey Tara! thanks for the feedback, good to hear from you! np about the late response, i like the marilyn monroe idea (you must have looked awesome, your blonde hair in ur profile pic looks really nice). but please explain the flapper costume a bit further (what is a flapper??)

oh and btw, if you have any ideas/questions or topics you would like to read about on my blog, just write me an email/post a comment on my blog or on my facebook wall!

Tara said...

oh, a flapper is like...a girl from the 20s? the ones that wore knee-length dresses with lots of sequins and ruffles, had chin-length haircuts in finger waves, smoked cigarettes...basically the "bad girls" of the 1920s and the US Prohibition era :)

Franzi said...

oh i like that, it has style! might be an idea for this halloween :)) thanx!!

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