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Monday, April 11, 2011

Not giving up

Today I learned that sometimes it's really worth it not giving up too fast.

For about 4 weeks I've been participating the weekly boxing class at my gym.
I have a love and hate relationship with this class. I mean, I always have to force myself to go there because it is humiliating. I have a really bad coordination and my ability to keep moves in mind is horrible. You need both of these talents for boxing. I make a fool of myself.

So why do I love boxing? It's simple: I just love punching.

However, last week's class was horrible. My partner got really frustrated with me, I couldn't concentrate at all and she got really upset.

After class I felt more stupid and retarded than usual. But I was too proud of giving up this class immediately; otherwise my stupid partner would think I had given up because of her yelling.
Pah. I would just force myself to go to ONE last class and then I wouldn't force myself to go there anymore. I could just go to another gym class. Maybe some relaxing sports class without yelling, maybe yoga?

Fighting with myself the whole day "I have to go" - "no I don't have to, I can do what I want' - I finally went to boxing class.
My partner wasn't there.
Haha. Poor her. Had she given up boxing class just because of me?

Well, I was kinda happy not seeing her, but on the other side I was without a partner - so I had to exercise with the teacher….
But actually it was pretty cool. My teacher told me to relax and not to worry to much. And I got better. And theeeen it got even better because she addressed me another partner who was new in class.

It was so much fun with my new partner. He is new to boxing too, he is friendly and nice aaaand he is good looking. Boxing class turned out to be so great!

Today's lesson: It's worth not giving up too fast.
Can't wait for next week's class!


Anonymous said...

Good for you not giving up!! Those classes can be scary. But respaced girl always finds a man :) ha ha. Have fun x Derv

Franzi said...

haha thanx derv, u make me sound like a hooker.. how are YOU doing in denmark?

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