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Friday, April 8, 2011

Musicians and Writers

Last night I went to a concert at the Annendale Hotel, a music venue which features concerts of rock/alternative/indie bands. When the Little Lovers were rocking the stage I thought about how similar musicians are to writers. I consider writing as arts, I think people who do writing or blogging usually have "a specific ego", which means they are complicated and they are self-centered. I am self-centered, I guess.

While I was watching the leadsinger slamming his guitar, he looked as if he was in his own world, completely dedicated to the beat and rhythm of his music. Honestly, I was a bit jealous. He had his audience standing in front of him, he literally could see how his music made the people dance. A writer can only look at numbers, how many copies of his book have been sold, how many clicks he got.. but he can't see how people are reading what he wrote

I guess that's what differs musicians from writers. Oh, and in addition to that musicians have more sexappeal.. oh man, i wish i was a musician. But as a kid, I never really liked playing the recorder (Blockflöte).



Tara said...

I had to play the recorder too! And I was forced into piano lessons and hated them. But I picked up a guitar in 2009 and started teaching myself how to play and I love it...so maybe there's still hope for you as a musician :)

Franzi said...

lol yeah, there must be a whole generation out there who had to play the recorder. anyone else here?

i think i'm just too impatient to sit down and start learning how to play the guitar :) but i think it's pretty cool that you do it - have fun exercising!

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