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Friday, April 29, 2011

Coming Home

I had such a nice easter holiday that I didn't want to come home anymore.

Coming back to Sydney would mean to face an assignment, writing applications etc. etc. This world seemed so far away from Victoria and the Great Ocean Road, where the only problems I was facing were issues such as "to what place do i want to go next, is there a bus going there, when does it leave?". I couldn't imagine going back to my "everyday student life in sydney".

So I thought I would try to get back to my "old life" slowly, just by starting to upload pictures on facebook, do my laundry, going grocery shopping. i had so many other things on my list and suddenly the day was over. And I caught myself being in my back old normal life again. What happened to the surfer-vacation girl I had been only a day before?

Is it Francesca or Franziska?

How do you switch from your holiday-identity to your "normal" identity?


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