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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Australian Health

I enjoy having the luxury to have a Television in my room. I learn so much about Australia just by watching Television. Similar to American Television, there are lots of commercial breaks in between the programmes, but in comparison to German commercial breaks they are so short that it's not enough time for me going all the way down the hall to the bathrooms.

Being forced to watch the commercials, I also see a lot of videos of the Australian government. Many PSA videos tell me how to live life in a proper way. I shall quit smoking because otherwise I could end up sitting in a wheelchair while my wife is doing all the work in the garden by herself or I could start caughing blood when I'm waiting for the bus. So, my recommendation to you:

Wanna see yourself?
Here's a video on skin cancer

Smoking and Obesity seem to be big topics here at the moment. The government is actually planning spending lots of money for stricter anti-smoking laws, as the first country in the world they want to introduce green packaging for cigarettes.

Apart from lots of cooking shows and "the biggest looser" you also see videos such as this one:

Are Australians fat and smoke a lot?

No, actually I think they look pretty fit and seriously, there really aren't many smokers here. I hardly ever see people smoking, they also drink SO MUCH LESS than Danish people (haha, but thaaat's another topic...).
After doing a bit research I learned that smoking rates in Australia have been falling for decades!

At the last count, the proportion of Australians aged 14 and over who smoked had fallen from 30.5 per cent in 1988 to 16.6 per cent. (The Australian)
And about the obesity and skin cancer video... Australia is ranked on place 8 on the country listing of Life expectancy at birth

Find the WHO country ranking here

Interesting... So are the videos a waste of money or can we say that the videos are great because they seem to work?

my opinion: I don't need a PSA video to tell me to live healthy. There must be other stuff for the government to worry about

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