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Friday, March 4, 2011


i wanna try this. i wanna try that. next time, i shouldn't miss this and it would be great to do this as well because the weather forecaust for tomorrow is not so great. But actually I have to do this thing for work first and then I should actually go to the student office, get a library card, print out texts, join the gym.... write emails to person A, B, C and x y. --- Oh, these people look nice. The girls wear nice dresses. I wish I could go out with them. I am not going out tonight, I am tired because I did this and this and then there is this other event which makes me get up early in the morning. I have to check out at the hostel untill 10am, schlepp all my stuff to Annendale. Oh but I wish I could go with them. Oh no, there's so much to do/see/hear/feel/learn about. How can I make it to get/taste/try and have it all?


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