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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday morning breakfast QUIZ

Depending on the country I live in, my eating habits change. Take a guess which of the pictures show

A) my German Sunday Breakfast
B) my Danish Sunday Breakfast
C) my Australian Sunday Breakfast !

If you can name what you can see on the pictures, please include them in your comments!




So what are you having on your plate this morning?


TexaGermaNadian said...

Well that that brötchen with the sunflower seeds looks like German. The full breakfast looks more Australian (and delicious) and the last looks Belgium. How'd I do!?

Katherina said...

I think the same!

I) Germany
II) Australia
III) Belgium

Franzi said...

Good morning ladies!
How did u come up with belgium?

on the pictures u can see my
A) German B) Australian C) DANISH

breakfast. Never been to belgium so far ;) Appreciate ur guesses though! Quiz will be resolved tonight (if the internet is working) :)
have a great day/night !

Franzi said...

Ok, the solution is...

I - German breakfast
II - Australian Breakfast (u did well on this one!! Pancakes on a BBQ - how weird!! *lol*)

III Danish Breakfast: On the last picture you can see a yummy cinnemon roll, a typical Scandinavian pastry

thanks for ur guesses!!

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