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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Strange Country

Imagine the following situations:

Respaced Girl is checking her emails ON THE BUS via free wifi, is getting off the bus and THANKS THE BUS DRIVER for the ride.

Respaced Girl is pregnant. She isn't able to make the decision to keep the child or not, because she has no other choice. The reason for this is that the state she lives in considers ABORTION as a CRIME.

Make a guess. Where am I? Is this a modern state?

(P.S: No, I'm not pregnant)


Anonymous said...

ur living in new south wales:-D but i get what u mean. we are able to get online EVERYWHERE and everybody thinks we are living in a modern-thinking world...the truth is we are not. I came across a lot of such things when I was in Arizona.
1. Obama- who was senator at the time it happened- wasnt allowed accepting an award at Arizona State University, because students protested against it!
2. Movie theatres in Flagstaff, AZ were not allowed to show "Milk" (Sean Penn stars as Harvey Milk, homosexual mayor of San Fran).
I actually couldnt believe it when I heard these stories...although people are more open minded now. I still think its an actual problem.
My conclusion: more strange countries in the world!!

Anonymous said...
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Franzi said...

Hi Anni,
good guess!! thanx for ur comment with the interesting examples! however, i'm not sure if i got ur conclusion.. don't u want the "strange countries" to become normal? i know, cultural differences are part of that whole travelling thing, but how do u deal with it? do u just accept it's different, or are u allowed to criticize the different conditions you think are just basic human rights?

Anonymous said...

hey franzi!

of course i want the "strange countries" to become normal...however i think overcoming e.g. racial issues takes a lot of time. And although I was confronted with a lot of different perspectives and opinions than my own, I thought these were one of the most interesting things of traveling. Before I came to Arizona, I heard a lot of thing about the people living there. They are more conservative, vote republican party, pro- gun owning etc. a lot of these things are true and many people are conservative. I accepted that they have different views, but when we talked with each other I also told them my opinion- so we had some good discussions. But on the other hand I also met a lot of people who are not conservative. Especially, the ones who travelled to different parts of the world were more open minded and aware of those issues. My conclusion: Not only helps traveling to learn about different cultures, but it also makes people more "open"!

Anonymous said...

did u experience such things in the US, too? I heard that people living on the east coast are more open minded? xoxo Anni

Franzi said...

totally agree, travelling makes people more open. and yeah, differences are interesting, that's why i write about it :) i had some of "these akward moments" in the us as well.. (being exclusive?what?)

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