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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Australia turns green

Today is St. Patrick's day, a religious holiday named after Ireland's patron saint  Saint Patrick.

I'm not in Ireland, i'm in Australia. I haven't even been to Ireland - but tonight and this weekend I'm going to celebrate the Irish, just because I can!

Yes, there are places in the world where you could spend boring St.Patrick days.. I am German, I am 23 years old and I have never celebrated St. Patrick's day. How come? In Germany the Irish population is tiny in comparison to many other countries.Not so in OZ - the irish form the second biggest expatriate community in Australia. In Sydney you can find Irish pubs everywhere!

Last year, the Irish president hold a lecture at Aarhus University. In her speech she mentioned some things I found more interesting than the actual financial crisis, for example that the Irish are a people which is spread like no other nationality in the world. The "irish diaspora", how they call it,contains over 80 million people. This is remarkable, because it is over thirteen times the population of the island of Ireland itself!!

On  globalirish I found these statistics about the Irish diaspora which refer to the Irish people born in the Republic of Ireland, unless stated otherwise.
  • Just under 500,000 lived in Britain in 2001
  • 156,000 in the US in 2000 
  • About 50,000 in Australia 
However,on sunday this number will decrease, because after the St.Patrick's parade in Sydney, a citizenship ceremony will be held at Hyde Park- HILARIOUS! 

I'll be there and take pictures! According to the information I found, the ceremony will take place on a stage with traditional and modern music and singing. Can't wait!

Happy St.Patrick's day! Wear green, find an Irish friend (crazy party people!) and be happy! Oh, and tell me about it afterwards! Oh, and DON'T FORGET TO RECYCLE!


Anonymous said...

i remember the st. patricks day lessons with mrs banzhaft. hrhrhr. did you wear green cloths? i thought about a green frog with a pink bow tie (??) and a delicious cupcake <3

Anonymous said...

Nice post...btw she's the president not the prime minister! :-) Missed you yesterday! I started drinking at 1pm....got home at 3am. It was a marathon! :D
xx Derv

Franzi said...

oh no, sorry about responding so late!

thanx derv about the hint prime minister/president.. oups! wow, 1pm-3am? sounds as being Irish would be a tough thing ;)

I didn't wear green clothes (didn't find any) but i bought a green lei (Hawaikette) :)

what is it about a green frog and a pink bow tie???

Franzi said...

about the ceremony i wanted to visit... it was pouring rain... cats and dogs. i missed it! sorry!! anyone who doesn't believe me,there's a picture on facebook (IamRespacedgirl's profile) which proves that I tried to go..

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