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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A sunny morning at Risskov beach

Good morning followers :) 
The design-poll has ended, thank you so much for your participation :) 90% think my new design is awesome. I am happy you like it!

As a Thank-You-Gift I am posting some Awesomeness from Aarhus (in the form of pictures). Enjoy! :) 

travel theme: train, sea and plane

forever yours. Aarhus



Stephanie said...

Beautiful. I love pictures of beautiful sceneries. Thank you for sharing. =]

Anonymous said...

Two options: either u used photoshop to make them look that beautiful or this place is really THAT nice!!!!! Great way to start ones day!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Btw: Anni write the above post!!!!!:-D

Franzi said...

ha, photoshop? no way! I took these with my phone!!! ok, if u want more pictures, you'll get them! :)

Anonymous said...

ok, so no photoshop then:-D i guess this place is just that beautiful:-D i believe u this time:-D and more photos would be awesome:-D
looking forward to see more of them!!!!!

sugarmouse said...

that last photo is hauntingly beautiful.

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