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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Thoughts about Denmark

I woke up this morning. In another bed than mine.

Silence. No birds singing. Birds. This is Denmark. It's February - why should there be birds singing? - In 6 days I may hear them. I am leaving for Sydney in approximately four days, but untill I arive there it's gonna be the 26th of february.

ok, this is scary. I just looked outside of "my" huge window (the window is almost as whide as the room is) and suddenly two gulls were flying by. ha. Denmark, you are funny.

Denmark surprises me a lot. (remember my Skip that Prejudice Posting?). Denmark is a great country with very good people. After I got the letter from the housing office which informed me that in Denmark it's usual practice that you leave your apartment one week before the end of your lease I was practically declared "homeless" for the last week of my stay here. 20 minutes later I wasn't homeless anymore. I am spending the weekend at my neighbours apartment who's on a vacation, and for the rest of the week I'm staying with Derv. And actually I'm enjoying this week pretty much! Plenty of cool people here, seriously.

However, I couldn't make it to fall in love with Denmark. Aarhus is not my place. It is weird because usually I fall in love with places pretty easily. I think. I mean, I loved Tübingen, NEW YORK, Philly was ok, too. Why not love denmark?

I can't tell. This is why I wanna show you some things I really like about this country:

I) Great bands

ok, now you must think that denmark was a really depressing country. But hey- here's another Danish band which you might have heard of (e.g. they made the "fascination" song from the coke tv advertisement)

haha this video is so crappy-funny!

well.that's only music. there's much more. coming up next: make a guess...


Anonymous said...

candy? cake? ice cream? :)

ps: wow - my first comment!! make a guess, who am i?

Franzi said...

Thanks for ur comment!!!! all i can say is: u picked the wrong posting for ur comment *lol* (candy?cake - please scroll down to the posting "Packing" ;)


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