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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Skip that Prejudice. Part II

 Part I of the "Denmark is dangerous"-story

Denmark is a very liberal country. I haven't only noticed that when we talked about this topic in class, but also in daily life. Dating a Dane seems to be as bad as Dating a German guy: When the check comes it means that the sum is splitted up between both of them. In the US dating is more conservative, traditionally the guy pays the bill. Ok, you may think that gender equality is a good thing.

But honestly, when I came back to Aarhus with my 22kg - suitcase, I cursed liberal Denmark. All the way from Copenhagen to Aarhus no one (no man) gave me a hand for lifting my suitcase neither into and out of the train, nor into/out of the bus. Tak!

Apart from GENDER EQUALITY, Press Freedom is a pretty big thing, too. As a reaction to the occurence that a Danish author was not able to publish his book about Mohammed, Denmark's leading newspaper "Jyllelands Posten" published 12 carricatures of the muslim prophet. The cartoons which, from a muslim perspective are seen as violations of their religious beliefs (the depiction of Mohammed), caused a huge controversy. Everyone went totally crazy: The international media, muslim organizations which asked for an appology,  and of course there were also some islamic fundamentalists...

One of the carricaturists was Kurt Westergaade from Aarhus. After his work was published, Kurt was faced with death threads. Even though the PET (Danish Intelligence Service) looked after his personal security, he woke up on January 1rst 2010, facing a guy holding an axe in hand. All this happened in peaceful Aarhus!!

Luckily, all this got observed from a five year old girl, who had seen the "terrorist" entering his house. Ha, typically Denmark - a girl saving a man - here comes the gender equality again.

ok, back to Dangerous Denmark, which is actually seen as "threatened by terrorism". With having troops in Afghanistan and Iraq it's kinda in a tricky situation. (read more)

Respaced Girl draws the conclusion: 
Denmark is an innocent and safe country.


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