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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skip that Prejudice. Part I

Denmark and Safety

Before I came to Denmark, I thought Denmark would be the safest place on earth. I pictured Denmark to be a peaceful, small country where all the things people worried about were what novel to read next or if they should choose the blue or red decoration for their window. In comparison to Philadelphia, where I often felt uncomfortably in danger (for example that one time, when I found a wallet, jacket and other personal belongings in front of our porch door, or when my friend told me in a very proud manner that he witnessed how his friend got shot only a few meters away from my house...) Denmark seemed to be as safe as heaven.

However, when I came back from my vacation in Germany and browsed through a Danish newspaper, I was surprised when I read the headline "Shots in the suburbs a daily occurence". I read that during January 12th and 20th eight shootings had been taken place in the Copenhagen area. There were GANGS in Denmark?! I was shocked. Seriously.

A week later, I met my neighbour who grew up in one of the dangerous suburbs. He told me, that the Danish gang communities such as "Bandidos" and "Black Cobra" would be all about selling drugs and that they would usually not threaten you, unless you didn't pass by certain places after 10pm. Oups.

I have to admit, I was kind of fascinated and surprised. The picture I had of Denmark was slowly falling into pieces. Should I start locking my door when I was leaving my apartment to do my laundry?

I did more research and found a comparative crime statistics: 

crime statistic

I still can't believe it. According to this homepage, Denmark is meant to be more dangerous in terms of crime than the US and Germany??? WHAT?

Any crime expert here? Please explain this!
What can we learn from this? - Denmark is not as innocent and safe as I had thought.

coming up soon: "Dangerous Denmark"



Jet-Setting Divas said...

Wow Denmark would never come across as being dangerous?! You better be careful out there. But then again if you can survive in Philly, you should be ok in Denmark ;)

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

I love the new header! Although to be completely honest I'm not sure about the design of the background?

I didn't know Denmark was that dangerous! Maybe it's because it's so cold and dark? haha

Franzi said...

I checked other sources because I still can't believe it! but still, there are less criminal incidents in denmark than in germany (the crime quote is refering to the ratio "number of crime cases per 10000 inhabitants". Denmark has a population of 5,557,709, Germany has 82.000.000) funny though!!

thank you so much for ur honest opinion, tara, i appreciate that a lot! i will wait for the outcome of my poll and then see if i change it or not !! have a good week u2!

This Indonesian said...

There has been lots of rape cases and mugging near where I live in suburb Copenhagen. I don't even dare to walk home on my own after midnight so I have to wait for the bus that stops just right on the corner where I live.

Franzi said...

wow, unbelievable!! thanx for sharing! My friend told me that the situation in his neighbourhood improved.. since when do you live in copenhagen?

Franzi said...

and here comes part II of the story:


This Indonesian said...

I have lived in Copenhagen since 2006. It's getting worse

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