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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scandinavia blues. A case study

Living in a Scandinavian country can be pretty tough... I'm in Denmark not even for a week and I'm already starting to feel a bit melancholic. It is grey and rainy and the sun is hardly present during the winter months. The Aarhus weather forecast for tomorrow expects a sunshine duration of 2 hours. On Sunday it's going to be ZERO. In Stuttgart people will enjoy the sun for about 4 hours tomorrow. I don't wanna even think about Sydney *lol* - it's summer there!

It is really interesting to come back and see that other people are struggling with depressions as well. I often thought that I would be a lunatic, but now I can look at the situation from a more neutral position. I'm observing myself and my social environment as if I were conducting a social study with the research hypothesis "The lack of sunlight affects our mood". My variables are x: The lack of sunlight and y: mood, which is determined and expressed by lots of things. Getting bored here? Sorry. It was my first day of class today.

I did something crazy today. I left the house 10 minutes before the "KIOSK" around the corner closed, even though I really didn't feel like leaving the house. A Kiosk is the Danish version of a 7eleven, but not open 24hours. I was craving for sweets so much that I paid 10 DKK for a package of salty sticks. (€1,34/about 2$). I love dipping salty sticks into nutella.... when I returned home I wasn't in the mood for eating them anymore.

Gosh, observing and reflecting about my own behaviour makes me laugh so hard... did I tell that I had got caries while my four months-stay in Denmark? I HAVE NEVER HAD caries in my whole life.

Anyone else missing the sun here? Any ideas which help to brighten up your mood when you feel that the weather is pressing you down, down, down??

Here's my list:
- Sweets. Sweets. Tea
- Running (Force yourself as soon as there is a bit of light outside. Sports will make you feel better. Proven fact!)
- Shopping

Let me hear about your strategies!!! Leave a comment!


musicandthingsilike said...

Running is amazing if you can drag yourself into the cold air! A few nice beers definitely helps but of course not everyday even though sometimes you'd like too ;)
Derv x

Franzi said...

here's another comment made by bine on the "Iam Respacedgirl"'s facebook page:

I followed your instructions... currently I'm drinking tea and looking through the asos website :-)))

onlineshopping! Great idea!!

and to derv: if you make a Bailey's out of the Beer i totally agree with your comment, too!

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

watch funny tv shows a la The Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Arrested Development :)

Franzi said...

Thanks Tara!! u just made me realize that i still haven't seen "it's always sunny in philadelphia", even though i lived there for almost half a year... Slap me!

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