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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Respaced Girl’s Rebellion (or: Skip that Prejudice Part III)

The intention to post about stuff I love about Denmark has to be postponed. Some things which happened to me in the last few days led to some bad, bad feelings about Denmark.

Cool people who are friends with me on facebook may have read that I spent about 10 hours with cleaning my apartment last week. Before moving out I had got a checklist from the student dorm. I had not only to clean my room, but the whole 60m² -2-bed- apartment (kitchen and bathrooms, floor,…). It said for example:
Bathroom: Cleaning of the ventilation (most disgusting thing I’ve ever done!)[…]
Kitchen: Cleaning of the fridge (don’t forget to clean behind the fridge!) – nope, didn’t do that. Fridge was too heavy to move it!
My gentle roommate did not offer her help, I had only one day available for doing it (study, study, study), so I did everything I could (CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!)

Tuesday morning I met the janitor who told me I had to pay 2000DKK (€270/ $343) for a professional cleaning of the limb scale in the bathroom and the kitchen sink. In addition to that I had forgotten to clean the oven. And I hadn’t cleaned the top of the kitchen shelves (oups). I am only 1,63m tall, come on!

I got a bit emotional…poor janitor said he was very, very sorry, but these were the rules and he couldn’t do anything about it. I said that the room hadn’t been clean at all when we moved in, that I didn’t know how to clean limb scale and that this wasn’t fair. He said I should have looked up online “how to clean limb scale” and that I should go to the international student office, because they might have sublet my room in between me and my former tenant. So maybe they could pay for the cleaning.

I talked to my student advisor and she told me to ask the janitor if I could reenter the room to clean the limb scale myself. The janitor said “I am really, really sorry, but I can’t let you in. These are the rules. I am sorry. “

The guy at the international office said “You should have told us that your room was dirty when you moved in”. You can find all the information about “how to clean the apartment” under this LINK. I hadn’t remembered the LINK and had used the apparently wrong checklist I got from the student dorm housing (which didn’t include aspects like “cleaning of the oven”)…. Anyway, after a 35 minute-discussion with me, he PROMISED me that I would not have to pay the expensive cleaning of the bathroom and that he would try to reduce the other costs (limbescale in the kitchen sink) as well.

1 hour later I got an email:

Hi Franziska,

I am really sorry, but we can´t do anything regarding the costs. I know I promised you to do everything I could, but the International Centre aren´t responsible for these costs.[...] there haven’t been anybody living in the apartment from June to September. The apartment should have been clean when you moved in, and therefore the International Centre can´t accept responsibility for these costs.

If you disagree with the costs or the procedures for moving out, you need to go and talk with the janitor at Skejbyparken. They are the ones responsible for the inspection, and therefore also the costs in connection with moving out.

I am disappointed. In the US I took thousands of pictures of my place when I moved in. I didn’t have any trouble, I got my deposit back. When I moved to Denmark, I thought “This is a superfair country, this is university housing, nothing bad can happen to me here.” I didn’t take pictures. Result: I got robbed. Denmark = a place where everything is fair? SKIP THAT PREJUDICE!

What’s your opinion? Have you had similar experiences?


Tara, in 3 Parts said...

When my husband and I moved from Connecticut to South Carolina we were moving out of a house we rented. Our landlord tried to hit us for "not dusting the baseboards" (seriously?) and because the burners on the gas stove had some stains on them (the type that come from normal wear and tear and just don't come off without scraping and ruining the burners). He wanted to charge us $300 in cleaning fees for these two things! That, and we moved out in October. My husband raked/mowed the lawn just a couple of days before we left and the landlord freaked out that there were leaves on the ground when he came to check out the house...a week after we were gone! Umm, of course there were leaves, it was FALL in NEW ENGLAND! I could seriously go on and on, it was a nightmare and in the end we had to get pretty nasty with him to get most of our security deposit back.

This Indonesian said...

I have had similar experience, not here but in Norway.

When I had to live in Norway for a year because of work, my company rented an apartment on 2nd floor in someone's house. Basically it's a separate apartment with the owner on the 1st floor / ground floor - whichever you prefer.

By the time I was supposed to move back to Copenhagen, I cleaned everything and the owner (an old lady that turned out to be very cunning) said that it was OK, and she was pleased with it - so I just gave her the key.

A month later, my boss contacted me that they had to pay 10,000 NOK for cleaning service the old lady called because she claimed that I didn't clean well enough. It was outrageous. I told my boss that she said ok and luckily it wasn't an issue for the company, but still I felt very bitter about it.

After talking it out in FB, I found a couple of friends renting flat in Aarhus also experienced the same with cheating landlords so apparently it's a common practice :S

Franzi said...

hahahhaha that is ridiculous!!! complaining about leaves in fall, unbelievable!! and the story from norway sounds really nasty, too. I don't understand how people can be so.... MEAN :(

i just signed my new lease.. really hope i will have better experience this time! cross ur fingers for me!

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