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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Letters

let's skip a blog posting about how shitty and commercial Valentine's day or how great love is. There's enough of this out there in the blogosphere. Instead, I wanna hear your opinion.

"I love you", dated 9th October 1996
Respaced Girl received this letter when she was 7 years old. A few days ago, or literally said, 16 years after the love note from Arthur, she got this email:

Very Interesting Photo

[...] I am looking for a long term relationship and possibly marriage. I am also open to a long term arrangement where we live in our own houses and get together to do things on the weekend. I enjoy camping but haven't been for long time as i love to go with my mate. Also enjoy fishing and the water. Like holidays, going out for dinner or a movie, love ballroom dance and any kind of dance, also good in fitness

My character is kind,romantic,caring and loving person with a great sense of humor and patience.My goal is to create a warm ,loving environment for a future family based on love,trust and understanding. of an ideal relationship:I'm gentle,committed and straightforward,I believe in working together with a woman that is very caring,truthful and easygoing, i love to meet with you, maybe you can email me and tell me more about yourself we can give it a start from there (XPETE@X.com)
Hope to speak with you soon


This is making me wonder...Why can kids write much nicer love letters than grown-ups? Please tell me that there are some grown-up men out there who are capable of writing great love LETTERS (not emails). Have you ever received a love letter? What did it say, who sent it to you, and how did you feel about it? Should women write love letters, too?

Anyway, ... I consider this email as a compliment. Seems like I can call myself a blogger now - I got my first stalker email, yay! And Pete, your email is an interesting method for finding a new love. But sorry, this is just too unromantic for me. Good luck with finding someone.

Wishing you all (yes, also to Pete) a happy Valentine's day,

Respaced Girl


Anonymous said...

Nice post :-) Definitely a good choice for a non-cliché Valentine's Day! Eating my cookie...yum yum! Tak for det xx

Franzi said...

thank you Derv!great people deserve great cookies <3 Happy Valentine's Day

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