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Friday, February 11, 2011

Homecoming Night

It is Friday night and I am enjoying myself being home, not doing anything except of listening to music and surfing the web. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever be able to know what I want to do next. I am super moody. Usually I have to do something. Usually I don't like sharing my appartment with only one single person, who always seems to be too busy to have a chat with me. But tonight it's different.

Tonight I am looking forward to spend the night at home, just by myself. Who knows where I will end up next? Maybe I'll share the kitchen and bathroom with 15 other students! Tonight I will enjoy the comfort of doing what I want. I will make baked bananas or chocolate pudding. Something you can only do when you have plenty of time - and a kitchen. I know I should start preparing my exam or getting ready for Australia. But not tonight.

Tonight it's only going to be me, without anyone I have to care about, and without anyone I have to please.
Is there anyone else who sometimes enjoys moments of perfect lonelyness?


Tara, in 3 Parts said...

Yes! I like to have time to myself, maybe not every day or even every week, but sometimes it's so nice to just have some peace and quiet. Maybe with a book on the side :)

Anonymous said...

yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes it's just nice to be on your own. U don't have to worry about somebody else, just about yourself.
Then I like to read a good book or watch a great movie...
XXX Bine

Franzi said...

yeah exactly! I read some pages of "eat pray love" and watched some "How i met your mother" episodes :)

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