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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy new year!

Already? YES! Today we celebrate Chinese new year's! 2011 will be the year of the rabbit. Good for me; because I am a rabbit!! People born in the time period 29 January 1987 – 16 February 1988 are rabbits, which I find kinda remarkable. So many people shall fit into one category? Wow. Here's what I found about rabbits:

They have really good communication skills and are best utilized in positions of management. They can make great painters or musicians due to their sense of beauty and their love of creativity. Rabbit people are usually relatively careful when it comes to their finances.  They use much of their money for possessions such as their homes, cars or furniture.  They love hunting for antiques, arts and crafts and will tend to make sound investments in these types of things.

Ok, I can talk and I like shopping. I'm feeling so unique right now! I don't know much about Chinese astrology. But I can tell you that Chinese new year's celebrations are great! Here are some of my pics from the Chinese new year's celebration on the 14th february 2010, NYC:

confetti everywhere

Loud fire crackers :)

There's not a Chinese New Year's parade in Aarhus. Anyway, I could celebrate China in general.
I could celebrate by wearing my clothes made in China, using pencils made in China, sleeping on my matress made in China and I could eat my lunch with chopsticks today. 

However, I won't celebrate China today. China might be on the economic rise, but seeing this video and Chinese blogs a party for CHINA seems to be innapropriate. I should rather say:

Encaged Rabbits might be cute, but they will never be as huge as the big rabbits you see in wild life. Go China, become big! Then we can celebrate all together.

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TexaGermaNadian said...

Looks like a great party. Happy Chinese New Year!

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