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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Tiredness / Update from Respaced Girl

Being respaced often comes with sleep issues.... I am awake for 3 hours already and it's 6:18am in the morning. I have to be at work at 9am. Greeeeat.

It's my last week in Stuttgart and there's plenty of stuff to do
1) tell you about Brezeln
2) make a posting about "social equality" in Germany
3) apply for an internship (online/tv internship?? i dunno!!! I should have done this earlier...)
4) finish my projects at work (how can i work on two data lists at the same time??)
5) buy stuff I wanna bring to Denmark (liquor, sun screen for Australia, travel adapter for australia,...)
6) see all the important people I wanna say goodbye to (impossible!!!)
7) spend time with them
8) go to that supercool travel fair "CMT" which is taking place in Stuttgart right now- i absolutely HAVE to go!!
(maybe tomorrow? Forget about the list, I might meet my soulmate there! )

But hey! I applied for my visa!!! I got it 20min after I submitted the online application, so at least this is done! And I went to the dentist, I got some vaccinations and I got my hair cut and got some highlights!

So my body is checked and ready for the next adventures coming up ;)

so much to do before I can do this!
P.S.: Who needs sleep anyway?


Meri said...

What a relief to get your visa! I can relate :)
Love your post about going out too!

Anonymous said...

me and the sleep have the same relationship at the moment :-)))
wow, 20 min. now that is what I call fast:-))
Wish you a brilliant last week in Stuttgart!!

XX Bine

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

I wish I could travel around like you do =(


Jas said...

Stuttgart? I'm jealous. Really jealous. My sister lived as an au pair in Germany for a whole year and she said that it was one of the most beautiful cities she had ever lived in.

Franzi said...

haha chunky knubby, work on ur German skills, i'll find u a place to stay for free in Germany ;)

thanx meri and bine for feeling with me!!

and jas, reeeeally cool comment! i used to work at the tourist office (actually it was not at the tourist office, i was working for the hotel booking hotline) and i am a proud "Stuttgarter".

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