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Monday, January 3, 2011

Preview of a respaced year 2011

Cheers! I hope you had a good NYE! Have you thought about any resolutions (vorsätze) for the new year? My resolution for 2011 is to become more relaxed. ha ha. But if you think about my entry a few weeks ago (The illuminative moment in copenhagen) I had already decided to become more Danish (in the sense of being modest etc. etc.) - I am working on it. Seriously!

It is the beginning of a new year which seems to become as awesome as the last one. I'll give you a taste of it - here's my 2011 preview :)

January: Stuttgart and Germany
1rst February: back in Aarhus, move out on the 24th and ----
from March - June Respaced Girl will write from another continent - AUSTRALIA!!!
Look forward to hear about stuff such as Australian Chinatown, Koalas, Fusion Food, Surfer boys and so on. I will take classes at the University of Technology in Sydney. And I will visit my cousin who lives in Brisbane.

Also in June, Respaced Girl will experience something REALLY really great. But I will write about that in another post. July I will spend in Stuttgart, Germany.

I don't know yet where I'll be in August and September, but what I know for sure is that
in October I'm going to move to Hamburg for my second year of my Master program.

I hope you'll keep on following me and leave comments on my blog! I love reading them.
Happy new year!



Anonymous said...

that sounds like you have a great year ahead!!!! I might be a bit jealous... but just a tiny bit :-)))

Franzi said...

ahhhh no way! we'll talk about this in december!! :)

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