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Friday, January 21, 2011


this week's philosophical thoughts

Walking through the small town of Tübingen (Germany), the town where I studied untill september 2010 let arose lots of memories: there was the bakery I bought my coffee to go, there was the library I spent hours in, I saw some familiar faces I had seen in classes... Nothing seemed to have changed since I had left.

I left Tübingen in July but for me it felt as if much more time had passed. I was so happy to be back again, but this was not my place anymore. My friend said that Tübingen would be a town where everyone seemed to be replaceable. Tübingen is the German "city" with the lowest average age - it's a student town and there are students everywhere: If someone leaves, another one is waiting on the doorstep already. Nobody seems to stay for too long.

Tübingen is a small town, but due to the university's good reputation there are lots of international people. Actually, it's some sort of global village ;) No wonder I liked it there! However, my friend was right.. Tübingen is not a town where you stay too long...I spent a wonderful day with my memories, met my former roomie, had my favourite muffin in the canteen, had coffee in my favourite coffeeplace. When I was sitting in the bus going to Stuttgart I was a bit sad for a moment, but then happy again.

Nostalgia is a catchy feeling and it's quiet entertaining sometimes - but life is now and it's good. Right?



TexaGermaNadian said...

Totally had the same feeling when walking my University's campus after I had graduated. It was the same, even the people looked the same, but it was all different because I wasn't a part of it. Great post, really well written (just like all the rest of yours :))

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Cool post---and it must've been really cool to study abroad in Germany! I wish I could've had the chance to study abroad.

Franzi said...

thanx so much girls!! :))))) so happy to hear that!!

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