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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News from Germany

Getting not enough sleep brings the advantage of having lots of time in the morning. This morning I enjoyed reading the newspaper in bed. (Can you imagine how cool it is to have a newspaper delivered to your home? This is something Respaced Girl is not used to...)

In the economy section I read that "Germans eat less candy". In 2010 the amounth of candy eaten by Germans decreased for 0,6% ! Every German ate 30,57 kg of candy and spent about €109,73 for it. Wooooow..

The reason for this decrease might be the increase of grain and cocoa prices which makes candy more expensive. Blablabla.

Listen- hottest news was: In opposite to the domestic market, the export rate of candy arose!
This means, that Germany stays the export world champion in terms of candy!!
 HA HA HA I love to be German. Now I can brag not only about cars, but also about "our" skills in candy making.

By the way: In the "health" section I read that the rate of women (age 14-35) with anorexia nervosa lies between 0,4 - 1,5%. Germany, what is wrong with you? Don't let other people eat your candy! There's enough for everyone!



Jet-Setting Divas said...

I love candy! Idk what I'd do without it!

Jas said...

I'm confused: Are you German and studying in another country or are you from another country and you are studying in Germany?

In other news, I sure do wish Americans would stop eating as much candy. Take a talk around the south sometime and I guarantee: You'll see tons of people riding around on ELECTRIC SCOOTERS out of sheer laziness. It's crazy!

Franzi said...

oh yeaaaah these segway tours are all over in the us.. and i'm afraid it's sloooowly becoming a trend in europe too... waaah.

but i feel similar to jet setting diva... i need candy in my world!

and jas, citing myself (http://respacedgirl.blogspot.com/p/about.html)

".....who the heck is Respaced Girl?
Respaced Girl is the net identity of Franzi. Franzi was born on the 8th of December, in the German city Stuttgart.......she got infected with travelling, spending a month abroad in Chicago, in order to attend the school there. This happened again a few years later, and again in Italy...:"

and: "
why this blog is written in weird English:

I had studied English in a German High School from grade 5 untill 13 (so for 8 years). I studied a semester in Philadelphia. Since September 2010 I have studied in Denmark (in English). I like writing, I like English. English is respaced. That's why Respaced Girl writes in English."

hope this isn't tmi!! btw, i really like ur profile pic:)

Franzi said...

ohhh and probably u r confused bc i'm on vacation at the moment (that's why i am in stuttgart now.) but I'll head "home" to denmark in 2 days :)

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