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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going Out

I love going out. This video shows me and my friends in my 2nd favourite club. It's kinda weird, when I am abroad I always wanna try different stuff, I rarely go to the same places because I wanna try out everything. But when I am in Stuttgart, I always wanna go to the same two clubs. There are plenty of clubs in Stuttgart, but I only wanna go to "zwölfzehn", a club which is for free, plays cool indie/rock music, offers all kind of drinks for affordable prices and which is alternative, but not fucked up!

Apart from the club zwölfzehn the other important essentials for going out in Germany are:

Drinks: Vodka Lemon
("Lemon" refers to "Bitter Lemon" - a soda/soft drink not available in the US. It has a slightly bitter taste ) and Tequila gold
(shown in the video) "golden" Tequila, drunk in a combination with a slice of orange and cinnemon. YUM!

The essential question: Are we taking the night bus or the first subway home?
The last "night bus" leaves at 3:33am. My first subway home is going at 4:40am. In the video, we chose to take the last bus - my friend looked kinda tired, didn't she?

Going out in Denmark works a bit different:
First: Go to grocery store and buy drinks there. Pregame!! 

Drinks: Cider, Cider, Cider... I don't like beer (YES I know I am German.. ha ha ha. not funny.) In Denmark I can't afford longdrinks, they cost as twice as much as in Germany. That's why I drink Cider.

it's pink strawberry cider!!
Going out in Denmark also means drinking more alcohol - Some representative from the National Board of Health in Denmark said:
Young people in Northern Europe generally don’t drink as often as those in southern Europe, but when they drink, they drink more. The Danish youth distinguish themselves from other north European teenagers, because they both drink often and they drink the most.
 Our teacher told us once:
There are only two ways how to deal with the weather in Denmark: Lighting a candle or drinking alcohol!
The essential question:  Who pays for the cab home? I think we just missed our bus!



TexaGermaNadian said...

I love ordering a "Wodka mit Wasser" (essentially a Vodka Soda at home, but they don't drink it here really) at the bar and watching their confused faces. "Was, kein Maracuja saft???" They don't know what to do. Glad ya'll had a fun night out!!

Franzi said...

vodka and soda? lol nooo.. but i like the ice-tea flavored vodka u can get in the us. what's ur favourite drink and what do u think about the "German way to go out"?

I got the impression that there wasn't such a big "clubbing" scene in philly, it was more "go to one pub, then to the next one.." but i dunno, it depends so much on the city and the people u hang out with. I went out in NYC once and it was so different than going out in philly. more dancing, less drinking. how is it like where u come from???

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

ooo that pink strawberry cider looks yummy!

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Wow wherever you went looked packed! Seems like y'all had fun!

Franzi said...

yeah, good places have to be crowded (at least that's my rule of thumb - don't u agree with me? ;) how's ur favorite club/bar like?

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