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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting ready for Australia?

During the last few days, I read some travel blogs, really cool ones, e.g. the one from Katharina- it's so good!! Some of the travel bloggers made postings who said "Plan ahead, do research, prepare yourself and read all the information you can get about the country/place you will visit".

I'm doing the exact opposite. Here comes my anti-plan-ahead-post

I have 5 weeks untill I'm leaving for Sydney and
a) I neither have applied for the student VISA
b) have looked for cheap housing opportunities (PFFF I won't apply for student housing offered by my university, waaaay to expensive!)
c) neither have I done any research for cheap hostels in Sydney
d) or bought a tourist guide

and you know what? I'm cool with it. I know I'll be fine! I heard from fellow students that you apply for the VISA online and that it needs about 12min to do it. I have found cheap housing in Philly and NYC, why should I not find any room in Sydney? And about the hostels: Sydney is a big city and full of hostels. So why bother? Oh and my flight is 30 hours long - enough time to read my Fodors (Lonely Planet is so main stream! Fodors guides are way better, they come with pictures and colours!!)

HA! Am I a relaxed person or what? Doesn't that sound as if I followed my new year's resolution?

Oh and one last thing: I DO and WILL NOT SLEEP WITH A SWISS KNIFE UNDER MY PILLOW (yes, I REALLY read this on a blog for backpackers.)



Anonymous said...

hahaha I agree with the knife thing :-)))And I would do the same, if you are worrying too much, it just have to go wrong.

XX Bine

TexaGermaNadian said...

Good luck planning out the rest of your trip. I am jealous you get Sydney 'summer-like' weather when it is winter here!

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

I don't get the Lonely Planet--or honestly, the Rick Steves--obsession. I used a Frommer's guide for New Orleans and loved it. I have a Moon Charleston & Savannah guide and I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm sticking with DK guides for my Europe trip next summer. (you want pictures, they has them! haha)

Katherina said...

Hi franzi! Thanks for coming across my blog and for sharing your tips on new york!
I was in Sydney acouple of months ago... Although only for 5 days ( far toooo little time!). I'm sure you'll love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found your blog!:D Promised you I would read it and studying is sooo boring right now.;)
Really? You should keep a knife under your pillow? Are they serious? Because it sounds like people would rather accidently hurt themselves than being prepared for some kind of attack. *g*
I like that you're so relaxed about all the applying- and room-finding-stuff. There really is no need to panic and you should enjoy your time instead of being all "omg, what am I to do". You can make it.:)

Franzi said...

about the knife thing: imagining myself threatening someone with a swiss knife made me laugh sooo hard. However,today i thought it wouldn't be too bad to buy one for cutting and peeling fruits - swiss knifes are so handy and I eat 2-3 apples a day!

to tara: never had a rick steves, but i don't like the dk guides either.. the history section is too detailed for me. and i just checked out the moon site and found out that they unfortunately only offer us/south america guides.i'll let u know which one I got eventually!

and about the last comment: yay, thanx for not making me feel bad!:)))liked ur comment a lot!

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