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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Germans and Equality

This morning, I read in our newspaper about a study which had taken place in the 31 industrial countries. Even though Germany seems to do so well at the moment (less unemployment, good economy, bla bla), in terms of social equality it is not. Germany was ranked on place 15., after countries such as Canada or the Tschech Republic (!?).

The gap between high and low income rates is increasing here. Is Germany becoming the United States of Europe? (The USA was ranked on 25.) Why do I write about this? Do I have any idea of political science? No. But I know, I'm gonna be in Germany for the next 4 weeks. So why not do anything useful?

Let's make it a project:

I hope you don't expect too much of it. I'll start with a baby step.

The online shopping platform Dawanda (the German version of Etsy, a platform for creative people selling their mostly hand made and really cool products) is doing a charity auction which ends this thursday. You can buy all kinds of "charity products", which means that part of your money will go to the foundation Die Arche. The foundation helps poor teenagers and children in Germany with offering free meals, giving private lessons (Nachhilfe) or free time activity classes.

For the German readers: Dawanda is pretty cool. Looking for cool jewelry, stylish laptop/ipod sleeves, a bag for your tampons or sweet home accessories? On Dawanda you can find everything. Check it out (look for charity products). Sorry, I gotta go, have some shopping to do now!!


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