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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Familiencard

I asked my mom if she thinks if the German state is doing good in terms of supporting socially deprived kids. She said:
In my class I have 18 kids, 10 of them get the "Familiencard". Whenever we do trips or go to museums, I can pay the admission fee with the card. I think, the state is doing a good job.
The "Familiencard" is a project which only exist in Stuttgart. However, the Secretary for Human Services wants to enlarge the project on a national scale. Every family which does not gain more money than €60.000 a year gets one card per kid. The Familiencard can be used in museums or educational institutions and is limited to the amounth of €60 for one year.

I am pretty surprised that I got such a positive answer from my mom. She works in a school which is located in a very poor area.  She is more a social worker than a teacher and has to deal with issues other teachers might not have heard of ever. Yet, she loves to push people, so she really likes what she's doing. (She also likes to push people around, but that is another story)...

So let's just stop here and apreciate a tiny little drop of cold water on a hot stone (that's a German saying ;)). For us it may seem only a small benefit - I could start critisizing lots of other things where the state is doing nothing, etc.etc. But let's stop here for a moment, because even if it is only €60, it is a really good idea! I bet everyone of us can remember at least ONE cool school trip. Thanks to the Familiencard, all kids in Stuttgart will be able to make those kind of memories, too.



Anonymous said...

I have never heard of the Familienkarte before... but I do agree, it is a really good and useful idea. Thanks for sharing this info!

Franzi said...

my pleasure!! :)) nice to hear u agree with me!

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