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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A day in France

Yesterday, I went on a day trip to France. Me and my family have often been to Strassborg just for a day, enjoying french food and stores ;). Strassbourg is a small city with some important attractions: a big old cathedral and, politically more important, the European Council, the European Court for Human Rights and the European Parliament.

Even though my mom and me argued about finding the right coffee place and other relevant issues, I had a great time !

Here are my Top 5 findings in Strassbourg

First, I found three things I would have bought if I would not be respaced and not moving around every 4th month:

Gosh,  I wanted this so badly.

so cute!

The coolest scale I have ever seen! 36€ at a store I forgot the name of. It says: "My worst enemies" on it
In a side street we found this small market which consisted only out of three market stands. It was around 1pm and the vendors had fondue for lunch! Ha. I love clich├ęs.

At the place where WE had our lunch I found number 5 of my Top 5:  The Disco Bathroom

Is this a fog machine or an air freshener?



TexaGermaNadian said...

This is too weird, you stumbled upon my blog, I am back having a look at yours. And at the moment I am trying to plan a mini trip to Strassbourg and of course that is what your latest post about! Your pics are great, looking forward to reading some more. And thanks for stopping by!

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

Hi! I saw your comment on the travel group at 20 something bloggers and liked your description! I have a personal blog @ http://aserendipitouslife.blogspot.com and a travel blog at http://thereandbacktales.blogspot.com but in general you just seemed cool and your lifestyle--the constant moving and traveling--is awesome! Don't think I could do it now but in my early 20s I would have loved to live like that :)


Franzi said...

to TexaGermaNadian: lol that's great, I hope u will have as much luck with the weather as we had!! You shouldn't miss eating macarons, yum yum! Thanks so much for the engaging compliments!! :)

And to Tara: yay,thanks for stopping by!!
I loved reading this:

"Don't think I could do it now but in my early 20s I would have loved to live like that :)"

At the moment i am back home and receiving jealous looks from people when they hear where I've been makes me feel bad. So it's good to hear when people are aware of the fact that everyone is his own master of disaster ;)

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Found you on 20sb travel junkie group! I want that dressing stand for my apt! Great pics!

newest follower

Franzi said...

thanks traveldiva!! i absolutely loooved the dressing stand, 2!! the day i get settled i will buy such a dressing stand!!!!! (whenever this will be ;)

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