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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cupcake madness and the new cupcake bakery in Stuttgart

My baking obsession is embodied in my growing collection of cupcake-products... I have a cupcake PJ, a cupcake-shaped key and last week I got a kitchen skirt (in the background of the picture collage) and an cupcake shaped adress tag for bags as a present! 

On Friday, I went to the first and new cupcake bakery in Stuttgart: It had already opened its doors before I went to Denmark, but I had no time to go there before I left. So on Friday my sis took me out to the "cupcake boutique".


cheesecake cupcake! It's as good as the one I had in the magnolia bakery in nyc!

The place is so cute, they have pink tea cups and everything! I am happy Stuttgart is slowly catching up with other cities in the field of cupcakes. In Manhattan google finds 10 existing CUPCAKE bakeries. If you keep on searching longer I guess you'll find at least 10 more. I mean, Manhattan is a really tiny island! Stuttgart has the size of 257km², Manhattan only 87km². But yeah, I know... there's a tiny difference in their population. More people eat more.

My comment on the Stuttgart cupcake bakery: nice and cute, a good start for introducing the cupcake culture in Stuttgart.

However, the cupcake bakery which is famous in the US cupcake scene and which I (of course!) visited when I spent a weekend in Washington DC., is way ahead of the Stuttgart bakery. The Georgetown cupcake bakery offers 10 different kinds of cupcakes daily plus 5 additional sorts ("Specials") which change every day. Today, for example the specials on the menu are: carrot, chocolate coconut, lava fudge, peanutbutter fudge and strawberry.

The Georgetown bakery 2010

I ate both. strawberry chocolate and key lime. piece of heaven!

The bakery in Stuttgart had a good offer as well, but they had no daily, only a monthly menu. We want more variety! More than that, the cupcake boutique also offers snacks such as sandwiches or soups - NO we don't want that in a cupcake bakery, damn it!

By the way, have I mentioned that I might open a coffee/bakery when I grow old?

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