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Friday, December 10, 2010

Bike Madness

After all the cookies and cakes I felt like going for a run this morning. Seeing that the roads were pretty clear, I decided to take the bike to go to campus. I had already tried to open the lock from Julie's bike a few days ago, but it was stuck, probably frozen. I asked Holger to help me to open it - he failed. I asked the caretaker for "bike" oil - he didn't have any. I asked Bart what I could do - he told me that he usually spilled hot water over the lock and that this helped.

So, this morning I felt totally engaged to fullfill this task. In a "I CAN FIX THIS, I AM RESPACED GIRL" mood, I went to the bike storage room, equipped with my kettle (wasserkocher), filled with hot water, ready to free my bike from the lock.

Bart's secret advise didn't work. Then, looking around me, my gaze fell on a spray can on a bike's carrier. The description on the can was written in Danish - it must be anti-freezing spray, so I gave it a try. It smelled like I was right, but the lock still refused to open. I gave up and took my old bike with the non-functioning gears. Can you imagine how much fun it is to bike in hilly Aarhus, without being able to switch gears? It's a pain in the ass.

After a quiet nice bike ride I came home and parked my bike at another spot. My gaze fell on another bike standing next to my old bike. It was Julie's bike.

All the time I had tried to open the lock of someone else's bike. The lock was not frozen, it was simply the wrong key.... Why do so many bikes look so similar? Maybe I should write the Danish government a letter that they should start thinking about a bike-sign-law or something like that...

my new neighbour

Where I went running this morning


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Respaced birthday - summary

sooo here's the update for the respaced birthday story:
2 hours after I had made the video, somebody was hammering at my door - 8am in the morning? I opened the door in my Hello Kitty bathrobe and was facing Julie and Bart, waving 2 Danish flags and having paper bags under their arms at the same time. Breakfast !! (mhmm you can always have a second breakfast!) They had made milkshakes and they brought bakery goodies, tea, chocolate milk.. so cute! And I also got "a danish" (süßes Stückle). Later I realized that Julie had called it "a cake". Funny, but it makes sense, why would Danish people call their pastry "danish"? (In the Danish language there is also no difference between cookies or cake. Brown cookies are simply called "brown litlle cakes"). It was so nice of them to surprise me, after I had been "left alone" the night before (stupid assignment) it made me feel so good!

However, an hour later I went back to my desk. After uploading the paper (10 min after the deadline, 300 words over the allowed amounth, not having a proper bibliography at 4:10pm) i was finally done. yay. happy birthday. In the time frame of 2 hours I ...... went to the post office (2,5km away from my house.), picked up a huge package (thanks mom and dad!), went to the grocery store, skyped with my parents, read supernice emails which made me smile a lot, made muffins, borrowed clothes from julie, made julie do my make up, made julie help me to make the muffins. Oh, and Julie reserved a table for us at the sushi restaurant, did i mentioned that?
i love julie

JULIE and me missed the bus, hurried to the next bus stop, went downtown, had the BEST SUHSI ever with Anne at a wonderful restaurant, i got nice presents (!!), we went to an irish pub, some people from my class  came (got more presents: DVD and chocolate), me and my friends missed the last bus, we went back to the bar, 2 of the girls sang karaoke, I could share a cab with 3 other skejby's (Julie and Anne had left earlier). Slept, woke up 4 hours later, went to school, "picked up" the next exam question (political science, oh oh).

7 days left, then I'll be free!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Respacialized Birthday

Video update from respaced girl!

Please don't think I sound sad. I just woke up and I have an essay to finish !!
6:19 and I've got 20 emails and 2 text messages already - one birthday song from Marylin Monroe included !! Thanks so much!

And I had this tiny little piece of my selfmade stjernekage (cake) version :)))))
let's get this essay done!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A poem about me

Came to complain

franzy, that's my name
lullabies, ponies, candies, rhymes that's ma game,
do not mess up with my lines
I am in a hurry, I got to finish this shit
so dear jan, you need to quit.

But sweetie I have something for you,
indeed, no lullabies, candies or rhymes,
but, I promise, I won't mess up these lines.

Ah! So then get the lotion and rubb my feet
No, in massage therapy I ain't got a master degree
I just want to tell you that I don't have any alibi
do not be shy, I know that probably the Italian is the guy,

but you and I
we're germans till we die
and like germans fo, we could complain through and through,
for all our life in our house with garden gnomes and prickly hedges.

just on christmas, we don't complain,
just love is running through the vain.

That's the poem my class mate and neigbor Jan wrote for me for our secret santa (Wichteln). My present was a glass of nutella and salt sticks. He knows that I like dipping them into nutella :) Really cool idea and funny poem. But rereading the poem I hope you don't feel the same way about me. Stay respaced! ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

One of these days....

Today I woke up without having chocolate in my boots. And without opening a door of a christmas calender. However, I decided not to be sad. Hello? - I am turning 23 in 2 days, I should stop being childish and care about stuff as Nikolaus day or my birthday. Oh, by the way, I found out that Nikolaus is not a German invention. When I was talking with some class mates, I found out that Czechs and Belgians celebrate Nikolaus-day, too.

My Belgian friend told me that they have the tradition of celebrating the arrival of Sinterklaas at the harbour in Antwerp at the end of november. Sinterklaas (how he is called in Flanders, the dutch speaking part of Belgium) arrives by boat and has treats for the kids. That means they celebrate Nikolaus day twice, once when he arrives in the city, and another time on the 6th of december. And on christmas, Santa brings presents, too! Seems like it's good to be a Belgian kid!

In the netherlands Sinterklaas is even more important than Santa. Next to their boots, kids place water, carrots and hay in front of their door, so that the horse of Sinterklaas doesn't get tired. I just read online that people in Brasil have the biggest party on the 6th of December: Nicolaus arrives in a helicopter in the big soccer stadium in Rio.

So much about Nikolaus. Let's get back to my day.

I went to school, then I got an oral feedback from my teacher concerning my paper. It was aweful. My political science teacher looked at me very pityful when I came up with the lame excuse that I had studied German literature and that I did not feel skilled enough to come up with own ideas concerning the discussion of the world economic crisis. She said she liked my "very good" examples, but apparently my paper didn't make a very convincing argument. She consolidated me by telling me that I had 10 days from now on to learn how to pretend to be a political science writer. I told her that I had to hand in my media studies assignment first.

After a quick stop at the canteen (chocolate bar! NOW) I returned straight to the library. When I left the library I realized I had lost my new hat. My mood could not have been worse. I felt as if someone had died. I knew, all this was stupid, but I felt reaaally bad.

Then I came home, found a note in my mailbox which said that there was a package waiting to be picked up from me at the post office. (Birthday present from my parents). I didn't care. I was so sad about me being unable to write like a political science scholar and having lost my hat.

Then I went online and read the first comment on my blog. Happy smile. But still, sad. I was able to write a blog, but not an acadamic paper. Then I checked my facebook account and read a note from one of my fellow students: SOMEONE HAD FOUND MY HAT!

:) How often do you these incredible moments happen? We should appreciate them more :)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Battle IV

Ok, let’s take advantage of the Internet’s great characteristic today: Let’s be interactive! This round of the battle will be decided by one of you! 

The first one to make a comment here will decide which culture is doing better in terms of Christmas songs: 

a) Is it the popular Danish song Nu e det jul igen... , which is only a cheap copy of the American song "Jingle Bells” 

or is it the 

b) German classic Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Silent night, holy night) which has been recorded by many artists various times, such as the Kelly Family, Sinead O' Connor etc. etc.

.. .which of the two will win this battle?

About the selection of the songs: I asked Holger, my Danish neighbor about popular Christmas songs in Denmark. “Nu e det jul igen” was the first one he mentioned. The German one was picked by meeeeee

I think this is a really good example I could use in my paper about “Media undermining communities/Media and national identity”. The Danish adaption of the American song cannot be explained only by the Cultural imperialism theory, because it is translated into Danish language. Thus, it’s a great example for “Glocalisation” (The adaption of a “foreign/global product” which leads to a local, new creation)
Ok, I’m gonna stop bothering you with my studies and wait for someone to vote!!! I know there must be someone reading the blog… come on!

Danish culture: 2
German culture: 2

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