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Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm a life coach!

I met a girl and we made friends, both being international students and getting fat in Denmark. She told me about this Danish guy she likes. Over weeks it was a hot and cold game, mostly her making the effort. I went with her through all these phases, wondering why Danish guys are so weird - they are nice and fun to talk to, but they are not giving any signals. Is it friendlyness or more? So she tried to let it go for a while, thinking he wouldn't be interested in her. And then this party happened. He got jealous about his friend talking to her. My friend and the Danish guy she likes finally kissed that night.

They said it would be nice to meet up. She told me she would like to watch a movie with him, because she didn't wanna get in an awkward situation (him being Danish and not very talkative).

Respaced girl didn't let her do that, she talked her into having a date, having a drink in town and enjoy the game, even if there are always situations which make you blush. How sweet. And what happened? She had the best time!


[18:02:22] thanks for convincing me to go out out  :)
[18:02:37] it was more fun than just hanging around here and i got see more bars too

Now I'm not only an appointed, but even a tested and qualified life coach in Denmark. Seems like I could start with my life now, hu?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This Thursday it’s Thanksgiving Day in the US. Yesterday, I chatted with Jesse, the boyfriend of Erica’s sister who lives in Mechanisburg (!!What a name for a town! Erica is from Gettysburg and Mechanisburg is only a few miles away. Isn’t that cute? Same thing with German towns around Stuttgart: Sindelfingen, Böblingen, Tuttlingen, … The –ingen is a sign that the town was founded by the Vikings or so. I don’t know what –burg stands for though...)

Ok, let’s get back to the topic. Jesse invited me for Thanksgiving this year. Bummer I’m in Denmark. Ha. However, let’s have a flashback and think about my first Thanksgiving last year…

Erica went home on Thanksgiving (to Gettysburg, as you now know), so we decided to have an early Thanksgiving dinner together in her Philadelphia apartment. Erica was so nice to order the turkey (online, so that we would not have to carry it) and do most of the cooking: She put the holy turkey in the oven (needed hours, but it’s worth it!!) and made (real) mashed potatoes. Everything seemed to work out pretty well… then Lisa came to join us. And the dogs took their part in the whole event as well.  

Let me introduce the two crazy dogs: Erica has a pug called "Roxy" (but everyone calls her “dinosaurus”) and her boyfriend owns a mug as well, tiny and shy Oscar. Both of them are monsters, but cute. Lisa wanted to make pie. So she joined Erica in the kitchen. She put the bowl with the mashed potatoes on top of the oven. The bowl broke because it got too hot. --> No mashed potatoes. Erica has made some salad as well. As we were 5 people, we had to eat on the floor because the table wasn’t big enough. While we were serving the food on the carpet, one of the evil mugs started eating the salad…--> no salad.

However, Erica had a package of mashed potatoes left and the turkey with the stuffing and the gravy were the things that count, right? And Lisa’s pie turned out pretty well. So thanx again girls for this great memory, it was so much fun!

P.S.: On Thanksgiving Day I went to New York City to see the traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! They have Parades all over the country, but of course the one in New York is the longest/best/most popular… one. It was so cold and I thought it would never end. But it was cool too see all the decorated floats (Umzugswagen), it’s an old American tradition and you can even find an exhibition about their history in one of the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC. (I know that because I was there, he he)

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