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Monday, December 6, 2010

One of these days....

Today I woke up without having chocolate in my boots. And without opening a door of a christmas calender. However, I decided not to be sad. Hello? - I am turning 23 in 2 days, I should stop being childish and care about stuff as Nikolaus day or my birthday. Oh, by the way, I found out that Nikolaus is not a German invention. When I was talking with some class mates, I found out that Czechs and Belgians celebrate Nikolaus-day, too.

My Belgian friend told me that they have the tradition of celebrating the arrival of Sinterklaas at the harbour in Antwerp at the end of november. Sinterklaas (how he is called in Flanders, the dutch speaking part of Belgium) arrives by boat and has treats for the kids. That means they celebrate Nikolaus day twice, once when he arrives in the city, and another time on the 6th of december. And on christmas, Santa brings presents, too! Seems like it's good to be a Belgian kid!

In the netherlands Sinterklaas is even more important than Santa. Next to their boots, kids place water, carrots and hay in front of their door, so that the horse of Sinterklaas doesn't get tired. I just read online that people in Brasil have the biggest party on the 6th of December: Nicolaus arrives in a helicopter in the big soccer stadium in Rio.

So much about Nikolaus. Let's get back to my day.

I went to school, then I got an oral feedback from my teacher concerning my paper. It was aweful. My political science teacher looked at me very pityful when I came up with the lame excuse that I had studied German literature and that I did not feel skilled enough to come up with own ideas concerning the discussion of the world economic crisis. She said she liked my "very good" examples, but apparently my paper didn't make a very convincing argument. She consolidated me by telling me that I had 10 days from now on to learn how to pretend to be a political science writer. I told her that I had to hand in my media studies assignment first.

After a quick stop at the canteen (chocolate bar! NOW) I returned straight to the library. When I left the library I realized I had lost my new hat. My mood could not have been worse. I felt as if someone had died. I knew, all this was stupid, but I felt reaaally bad.

Then I came home, found a note in my mailbox which said that there was a package waiting to be picked up from me at the post office. (Birthday present from my parents). I didn't care. I was so sad about me being unable to write like a political science scholar and having lost my hat.

Then I went online and read the first comment on my blog. Happy smile. But still, sad. I was able to write a blog, but not an acadamic paper. Then I checked my facebook account and read a note from one of my fellow students: SOMEONE HAD FOUND MY HAT!

:) How often do you these incredible moments happen? We should appreciate them more :)


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