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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Update from Respaced Girl

My dear readers! Christmas is almost over and the battle is not decided yet. I am sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, the reason for this was my new toy: The Kodak play sport 

This awesome thing will be my new fellow, I will start carrying around with me (together with my phone, ipod, wallet and my keys). For those who haven't heard about flip cams yet: It's a camcorder for making (youtube) videos.

Yesterday, I spent half of my day with trying to edit a video I had shot, but unfortunately my laptop went off all the time, it seems to be too slow for the program. But, luckily my brother in law is a computer brain and he will be here later today, so I hope he can help me somehow.

Soooo look forward to a new era of the respaced girl blog with video!!

I will get back to you later today, with the announcement of the winner in the battle!!

By the way: If you are getting lazy of clicking on my page, not finding any new postings, why don't you subscribe to the RSS feed? It is very easy (without any log-in).

Just scroll down to the end of the page, click on subscribe to "post" --> atom. You'll automatically get a bookmark (Lesezeichen) in your browser (e.g. firefox), which makes it easier for you to see when there is a new posting. Easy peasy!

By the way: Merry xmas!! Last day for eating as much as you can without having a bad conscience - IT'S CHRISTMAS, for god's sake!


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