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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thank you guys

http://respacedgirl.blogspot.com/ celebrates its first birthday!!!

1 month and 1 day ago I made my first posting. About 2 weeks later I "launched" my blog and told my neighbor and friend Derv about it. She liked it and gave me a lot of motivation :)

Wow, I just checked the statistics and someone just visited my blog, so TADAAAAAA:
Since I made my first posting, I got 400 hits on my blog!

Germany: 240 Hits
: 144
: <15 (less than)
<5 (less than)
: <5 (thanks Derv ;))

I love this! Thanx for all your feedback, comments..It's always great to get response, please feel free if you have any criticism/ideas !!

oh, and by the way - this pink thing on the picture - I made it for you (TAK means THANK YOU)
I will tell you more about this in the next posting (but now I have to get some sleep... Exam time!!)


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