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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Respaced birthday - summary

sooo here's the update for the respaced birthday story:
2 hours after I had made the video, somebody was hammering at my door - 8am in the morning? I opened the door in my Hello Kitty bathrobe and was facing Julie and Bart, waving 2 Danish flags and having paper bags under their arms at the same time. Breakfast !! (mhmm you can always have a second breakfast!) They had made milkshakes and they brought bakery goodies, tea, chocolate milk.. so cute! And I also got "a danish" (süßes Stückle). Later I realized that Julie had called it "a cake". Funny, but it makes sense, why would Danish people call their pastry "danish"? (In the Danish language there is also no difference between cookies or cake. Brown cookies are simply called "brown litlle cakes"). It was so nice of them to surprise me, after I had been "left alone" the night before (stupid assignment) it made me feel so good!

However, an hour later I went back to my desk. After uploading the paper (10 min after the deadline, 300 words over the allowed amounth, not having a proper bibliography at 4:10pm) i was finally done. yay. happy birthday. In the time frame of 2 hours I ...... went to the post office (2,5km away from my house.), picked up a huge package (thanks mom and dad!), went to the grocery store, skyped with my parents, read supernice emails which made me smile a lot, made muffins, borrowed clothes from julie, made julie do my make up, made julie help me to make the muffins. Oh, and Julie reserved a table for us at the sushi restaurant, did i mentioned that?
i love julie

JULIE and me missed the bus, hurried to the next bus stop, went downtown, had the BEST SUHSI ever with Anne at a wonderful restaurant, i got nice presents (!!), we went to an irish pub, some people from my class  came (got more presents: DVD and chocolate), me and my friends missed the last bus, we went back to the bar, 2 of the girls sang karaoke, I could share a cab with 3 other skejby's (Julie and Anne had left earlier). Slept, woke up 4 hours later, went to school, "picked up" the next exam question (political science, oh oh).

7 days left, then I'll be free!!


MissWhite said...

I will free you at the airport "yay"

Franzi said...

oh, I meant to be free in the sense of being free from SCHOOL.But looking forward to see you at the airport :)

Franzi said...

By the way:

In Denmark they have an interesting birthday tradition:

someone who turns 25 and is NOT married yet will get blasted with cinnamon powder all night long.

if you turn 30 and you're stil not married you are either called "pebersvend" (a pepper man) or "peppermø" (pepper maid). It's the tradition that the friends of the pepper-birthday-people place a big peppermill in front of the pepper man/maid's home.

Does anyone see a sense in this ?????????

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