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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Illuminative Moment in Copenhagen, Day 1

ok.. so it didn't work out how I had planned it ;) Let's recap:
"Plan for 18th:
get up at 5.30 am - Check!
take the train at 7:30am to copenhagen - Check!
see the little mermaid which returned from Singapoore - Check!
going to the xmas market at Tivoli - Check!
spend the night at Lena's place - Check

The Danish Statue of Liberty

The day was wonderful! I arrived in Copenhagen, went to Christiansborg to see the royal horses and the museum about the royal calvary - found some horse shit and found out that the museum was closed in december, walked into the Danish parliament by accident, asking the reception lady who refused to let me enter the building,

"excuse me, but what is this here? I'm looking for the royal horses. Do you know where I can find them?"
no, unfortunately she didn't."

The royal horse track

Mhm... what building could this be?

I had lots of fun! I was so lucky and saw the change of the guard in front of Amalienborg, they hissed the flag, which means that the queen was home. I went a small museum about the "Gl├╝cksborg" (the Danish royal family) and met up with Lena. Lena studies in Copenhagen, I got to know her in Miami. She's the cutest :)

It was so great to stay at her place, she slept on a tiny little air matress while I was enjoying her comfortable, big bed (she insisted on it!! i felt horrible). Spending the day with her made me realize that this survey which claimed Denmark to be the happiest nation (among 97 nations) was probably pretty close to the truth.

Danes are happy with what they have and enjoy life. They are modest and smile - a lot. What surprises me still is that Danes are happy with their lifes, even when they know about all the possibilities they have! (Denmark is on 3rd place in the educational index worldwide - Finnland and Australia are doing a bit better).

I decided to improve "my sense of happyness" , becoming less critical, cynical and bitter and try to look at the things in a more positive light. This illuminative moment helped me to get through the next day....


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