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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flashback 2010: A respaced year, Part II

This one is for you, Derv! A head shot of Mr P ;)
Mr Penguin was 7 years older than me and a MA biotechnology student at the elite college University of Pennsylvania. He knew what he wanted and he would stay in Philadelphia. Naturally, respaced girl fell madly for him. At least he shovelled his car out of the snow to bring RG to the airport and carried RG's two big suitcases.

New York, great people and love made my last few weeks in the US to a movie-like experience.
When I got home, I fell into a deep dark hole:
“I don’t even have fun when I go shopping, I just feel tired and empty."(Respaced Girl, March 2010)
However, I knew time and my family and friends would heal me. I moved into a very old house in Tübingen, not having an idea who my flat mates were. They turned out to be super great. I started to like my life in Tübingen. I spent a wonderful weekend in Berlin, a weekend in Hessen where I went to a Bachelorette party which included 18 girls, a limo and a night club; then there were soccer games with German flags....Yet, my will to fly out again made me apply to an international study program which started right after the end of my last semester in Germany.

my wonderful tiny old (and cold) room in Tübingen (trees in the background!!)
A respaced goodbye to Germany in august:
RG turned in her BA thesis on Thursday, Partied on Friday untill 4am, got into the cab (dad’s car) to Aarhus at 5am and arrived there about 10 hours later. 2 days later school started.

I moved into a great apartment in Aarhus. I was struggling with school. I took it really serious and this probably made me pretty frustrated. But there were many parties, too. Much fun stuff. I applied to the Sydney exchange program “Investigative journalism”. I got in. The semester in Aarhus passed by so quickly.

Mundus-Halloween: Veronica from Tschech republic, Elena from Italy, Alfonso from Spain, Joline from the Netherlands
2010 was pretty packed. Philadelphia, New York, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Aarhus. I moved 5 times. Every time I thought I would turn crazy. Maybe I did. Sometimes, I was really sad, but other times I was soooo happy. 2010, you really rocked!

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