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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flashback 2010: A respaced year, Part I

In January, Respaced Girl moved to Brooklyn New York. Looking at my diary, it seems to be an unbearable task to give a short summary of my time there.

1) I had vegetarian Sushi and visited an art gallery opening in Chelsea with Elaine, an artist and illustrator for HBO. She became my NY friend and we even went to Conneticut together for a weekend (she had an art opening there (vernissage). I got to know two girls I went to a manicure bar with. I was thrilled.

Elaine in Chelsea

Get a manicure and a drink? In NYC everything is possible. The Beauty Bar.
2) I spent wonderful weekends with friends from Philadelphia who gave me visits (the bus ride Philly <--> NYC was 2 hours long but cheap). I had a blast with Jesse, freezing my ass off at the beach of Coney Island, eating hot dogs at Nathan’s (THE place to eat hot dogs apparently) and Lisa, checking out the Brooklyn flea market and the Marc Jacobs Store in Soho. Another visitor from Philadelphia who turned my life upside down on a regular basis was Mr. Penguin.

Mr.Penguin making dinner in my brooklyn kitchen
“It was so wonderful strolling with him through New York, both of us with coffee cups in hands when walking through snowy Central Park. When we were waiting for the subway and I was cuddling up to him in order to get warm, a woman looked at us and smiled at me in such a warm way, that I will never forget this moment.” (Respaced Girl, January 2010)
(part II coming soon!)

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Derv said...

Would like a headshot of Mr.P and more info ;)

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