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Monday, December 20, 2010

Chaos in Copenhagen, Day 2

The second day in Copenhagen was one of the days which makes you doubt if making plans makes sense at all... such as it was the case with this plan :
19th december: CPH --> Munich, Munich--> STR --> Home (2pm?) --> 10:30pm zwölfzehn (clubbing with friends)
here's what actually happened....
After breakfast Lena brought my whacky suitcase and me to the subway going to the airport.
When the self-check-in machine, said that due to the changed "flight information" I should contact the service personal, I was starting to get worried (the long wating lines had not caught my interest yet).

Then I saw the information on the airport display: The flight to Munich was cancelled.

so.. quick and short: After waiting 4 hours in line it finally was my turn in the "rebooking line":
"How do you feel about Paris and Air France?" - (mhmmm.just yesterday Lena told me that she loved Paris. But now? no... I wanna go HOME to non-glamourous and non-french Stuttgart. Much more attracting!)
"-Mhmm. Would it also be possible to get the next flight to Frankfurt, I could take the train from there, it's only 1 hour from Stuttgart? (thanx to the 4 hours in line and my sister who was doing research at home and was in contact with me via text, I was well prepared for this bargain).  Would Lufthansa pay for the ticket?"
"I don't know, you have to ask Lufthansa about that."  - "Sooo how's the weather in Paris?"...
It turned out to be bad. Finally, I decided to take the ticket to Frankfurt. Later I heard Paris was stuck in snow.

A few hours later, when I was waiting for the boarding to start (it was already 10min past the boarding time and no personal was in sight) - one of the other frustrated people waiting suddenly pronounced
"The flight is cancelled"
The lady was holding her iphone in hand. 7 minutes later we got the information from the airport. We would get vouchers for a free stay at a SAS hotel and a cab. Kathrin, a girl from munich who I got to know while I was waiting 4 hours in line, started wondering about renting a car. I asked 2 girls who I heard speaking German on the phone if they were interested in sharing a car. But we refused this idea very soon after we heard about the bad situation on the streets. We received our luggage back and were asked to stand in line again if we wanted to get a rebooking (yeah, why not?). I would have had waited another 4 hours if I hadn't asked the lady who was only handing out the vouchers if she would recommend me to get a rebooking for a flight to Frankfurt or Stuttgart. Almost whispering she said:
 "I can just quickly book you on the flight to Stuttgart tomorrow at 3.20pm"
I was in heaven. It was 9pm when me and Kathrin left the airport. The other two girls went another way: 23-year old Christine studied in Copenhagen and went back to her dorm, planning to take the train the next day. She was pissed because she would only spent a few days with her parents in Frankfurt, because she had also booked a flight to the US where she would visit her boyfriend.
Kathrin (no 2) stayed at the airport, where they tried to locate her lost suitcase.

The hotel was great. Radisson, nice. Dinner and breakfast inclusive. Me and Kathrin (A master-degree- student interning in Copenhagen) had dinner together, later Kathrin no. 2 joined us - without having any luggage. Kathrin no. 2 came from Stockholm, where she had worked for 6 years for a company which designed CD covers (e.g. the one from the Rolling stones!). 3 respaced girls from Germany (Munich, Paderborn, Stuttgart) having dinner together. It would have been so much nicer if we would not have been awefully tired.

The two of them left early in the morning. Kathrin, the MA. student from Munich was lucky, she texted me that she arrived safely. I woke up at 4.30am and spent the next 8,5 hours with using the free wireless, taking a bath (first time after 4 months!!), having breakfast (awesome) and doing a quick stroll through the nearby shopping mall.

The room before respaced girl spent a night there...

The next morning
The 1,5h of waiting in line felt like 20min. I looked instantly at the airport display in order to check if Stuttgart was cancelled. While I was waiting in line I saw Kathrin no 2. waiting in the rebooking line. Her flight to Frankfurt had been cancelled. Her luggage had not been found yet. She wanted to go home. I hope she has got there by now.

I reached Stuttgart 24 hours later than planned. Hearing the news in the radio of the thousands of people who are still stuck at the airports I feel so grateful, happy and relieved to be here.. At least I can say I am a real traveller now!


Camels & Chocolate said...

At least they were a *wee bit* nicer to you. It also took us 24 hours longer than planned to get back home to California, but I was more upset by how we were treated by American Airlines than I was about the actual delay. US airlines are the worst!

Glad you weren't stranded longer!

Franzi said...

Hey Kristin!
I met a friend yesterday who had to spent two nights at hotels, one night in frankfurt and one night in Dubai (she was on her way from Frankfurt to new zealand). Gladly she found some other nice fellow-travellers to spend time with. A young beautiful woman by herself in Dubai...maybe not such a good thing ;)

thanx for the great advice on ur blog (especially 20sb)! it is as if there's a new world opening its doors for me!!

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