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Friday, December 10, 2010

Bike Madness

After all the cookies and cakes I felt like going for a run this morning. Seeing that the roads were pretty clear, I decided to take the bike to go to campus. I had already tried to open the lock from Julie's bike a few days ago, but it was stuck, probably frozen. I asked Holger to help me to open it - he failed. I asked the caretaker for "bike" oil - he didn't have any. I asked Bart what I could do - he told me that he usually spilled hot water over the lock and that this helped.

So, this morning I felt totally engaged to fullfill this task. In a "I CAN FIX THIS, I AM RESPACED GIRL" mood, I went to the bike storage room, equipped with my kettle (wasserkocher), filled with hot water, ready to free my bike from the lock.

Bart's secret advise didn't work. Then, looking around me, my gaze fell on a spray can on a bike's carrier. The description on the can was written in Danish - it must be anti-freezing spray, so I gave it a try. It smelled like I was right, but the lock still refused to open. I gave up and took my old bike with the non-functioning gears. Can you imagine how much fun it is to bike in hilly Aarhus, without being able to switch gears? It's a pain in the ass.

After a quiet nice bike ride I came home and parked my bike at another spot. My gaze fell on another bike standing next to my old bike. It was Julie's bike.

All the time I had tried to open the lock of someone else's bike. The lock was not frozen, it was simply the wrong key.... Why do so many bikes look so similar? Maybe I should write the Danish government a letter that they should start thinking about a bike-sign-law or something like that...

my new neighbour

Where I went running this morning


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