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Friday, December 24, 2010

Battle VIII


It's on you to decide again! First one who votes decides whích culture gets the point: In the final round, it's all about decoration! Just for the sake of fun and curiousity we'll include American culture as well.

I) American culture

Last year I spent christmas in the States. Decorations in NYC, Manhattan looked like this:

reeeeally nice. beautiful. wonderful.....

In Brooklyn, only a block away from where I lived, I found this house:

mhmmmm..... ok you like christmas. but pleaaase, sometimes less is more!

I got the chance to spent christmas with the Vendetti's :), Erica (u remember my blog entry about thanksgiving? The girl with the mugs :)). It was so awesome to spend christmas with Erica and her family, so nice of them to invite me! But I don't wanna make this entry too long. It's about decorations.

Erica with her family

The most important different between American and German decorations are the American stockings. Traditionally the American christmas takes place in the morning of the 25th december, with having presents in one's own stocking (in the picture above you can see the stockings on the oven (left corner, in the background).

Similar to Danish and German (and other lets call it "christian nations") the Vendetti also had a christmas tree in their living room. All in all, I like American style-decorations. But only if it comes in a small portions ;)

 II) Danish decoration
is pretty much the opposite of American style christmas decoration if you look at this example:
a house in Copenhagen

But not all of the Danish christmas decoration is so simple. Traditional Danish christmas decoration includes puppets/dolls:

and these (apparently) very easy-to-make paper hearts:
paper hearts in Julie's apartment
Thanks to my friend Anne, I can add two more deco-pictures of Danish christmas decorations. The Danes are known worldwide for their great, classy but innovative sense of style ("Danish design" is especially popular in the field of architecture, fashion, furniture. I think.)

Anne's ceiling. Selfmade paper stars
III) German decorations:

Germans are famous for their wooden figures. One example is the "Nussknacker" (right picture), a nice tool which is used  to open nuts (you put the nut into the hole which is covered by the beard. Another thing is the "Weihnachtspyramide" which includes wooden figures (biblic characters) on a platform, which starts to move as soon as you light the candles around it. 
Kinda innovative too, don't you think? Candle holder with entertainment value and decoration which has a use: open nuts - Germans really seem to think in a practical way...

so... give your vote. Who wins the point, the Danish (Scandinavian) christmas decoration or the German functional decoration ideas? Give your comment!



Anonymous said...

Altough I am German, I really like the paper stars, so I will go with the Danish decoration, sorry ;-)))
XXX Bine

Franzi said...

Thanx Bine!! Your vote makes it tough, but there might be another round coming up.. or hell who knows what'll happen!!! :) I'm excited about it, 2 ;)

MissWhite said...

I have to damit I prefer the Danish style - though you should have shown my Dekoration as a German sample!!

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