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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Battle VII

Danish Royals Breaking With Christmas Traditions:

As I just read in the blog “The royal correspondent” the royal family will not celebrate Christmas together this year!! Instead of spending it together, 

“Queen Margrethe and her husband, Prince Henrik, will be spending Christmas in Southern Jutland with her son, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie, at their home, Shackenborg Slot. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will be spending the holidays in their newly renovated palace at Amalianborg, which is located in the heart of Copenhagen.”
“The Danish royal family PR team did not give an explanation for the change. “
Uh uh… what’s going on there?? Sorry guys, but breaking with Christmas traditions is cool if it concerns places or food (this year we will celebrate at my sis’s place) – but celebrating christmas with your family is a must (eeeeeeeeeehm an exception of course are semester abroad studies… la la)

Anyway….. For our battle this means:

Danish culture: 3 – 1 = 2
German culture: 3

Uuuuuuuu anyone excited about the outcome yet? 

The Danish royal family"Glücksborg"

 source: http://royalcorrespondent.com/2010/12/05/a-danish-royal-christmas-tradition-no-more/

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