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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Battle VI

Christmas events:

Danish Tivoli / German Christmas Market in Esslingen / American Hershey Park ???

Last week I went to the Tivoli in Kopenhagen, today I went to the christmas market in Esslingen, my absolute favourite of all christmas markets! Last year around christmas time I went to the christmas-decorated amusement park "Hershey Park" (Hershey is a popular American chocolate brand as well as the name of the town). Which of the three places I went to is the most christmas-y one? - Read and figure it out!!! (sorry about this format-confusion.. I hope ur tolerant enough to read it anyway ;))

a) Tivoli, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world
b) The Esslinger Weihnachtsmarkt (christmas market)
c) Hershey's chocolate world
Opened its doors in the year 1843
It is open for the public
amusement park in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA (next to the chocolate factory Hershey)
It costs a 100 DKK entrance fee (about 13€). Rides NOT included 
It has a theme: the middle ages!
Vendors are dressed in middle-ages style clothing and speak in old German
entrance fee: I don't remember how much it was.
But most rides are included in the entrance fee.

II) Attractions / Entertainment

A lady carving ice figures out of ice blocks. Kinda cool.
A wooden ferris wheel (kids only)
+ -
All kinds of roller coasters (similar to Tivoli) and a christmas light show

There’s a game where you can win chocolate

while I was there, I saw a fire-eater, a baking class for kids and a band with bagpipes





Danish culture: 3

German culture: 3

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